Saturday, 21 April 2012

Puppy Alert!

As you all know Our Billy shares our home and is the sweetest cat. In fact as I type this post he is sitting watching from his favourite green chair. My Hb and I love all creatures great and small and have always kept a cat.
If you remember in February my dear Son moved out and set up home with his dear girlfriend. They are loving their life together but as both of them are great animal lovers and have always had pets there was of course something missing in their home. Where they live would not be ideal for a cat which of course means only one thing.........................

Yes you've guessed it....a puppy! They had found a dear puppy who was one of a litter of 10 and waited patiently until this week when their puppy was just about 8 weeks old.

I had a text sent to me this morning to say that that special person had arrived and wanted us to visit. My son is only 10 minutes away so off we went at lunch time and this is who we met.............

Say hello to a very sleepy "Bear". Isn't he just the sweetest boy ;0) He is a cross between a German Shepherd Mum and a Belgian Malinois Dad. He is going to be a BIG boy, just look at the size of him for just under 8 weeks old.  His birthday is none other that 29  February so they are not sure when he is going to celebrate his birthday each year. I have never known anyone with a Leap Year birthday so we are not sure either. Bear is already the most sociable sweetie and is constantly wagging his tail. I took lots of photo but lots are fuzzy as he is just such a busy boy and when he is awake does not like keeping still.

We had lunch with them and then we left Bear to have a nap. It will be so much fun seeing him grow up. No doubt when he is older and can go out we will need to be available for some occasional walking duties. From time to time I shall also bring you some more pictures of him.

Welcome (not so) Little Bear!
For my card challenge today I thought I would keep in "Bear" mode so this is a card I made using a Gorjuss Girl stamp with (Teddy) Bear. She is for sale here in my Etsy shop

I coloured her and Bear with my Promarker pens and highlighted them with my Prismacolor pencils. I used another of my lovely Martha Stewart punch around the page for the backing card and added some bling with some gems and ribbon.

I would like to enter my cards into the following challenges;
Stamping for the weekend Sparkle and Shine #8
Whimsie Stamps Challenge Use punches or dies #35
Crafter's companion 4 legged friends #23
Joanna Sheen Card for someone special
My Mum's Craft room Inspired by a Song/Movie
My Movie is "The Bear" from 1988, a really great film about an orphan bear cub.
Secret Crafter Inspired by a film title #182 Again my film title is "The Bear".
Ladybug craft Ink Shapes #58
Pretty Little Ribbons To die for (use die cuts or punches)#9

So this is a very Bear inspired post today. I am sure Little Bear will love his new home with my son and his girlfriend. They have such lovely parkland surrounding where they live he will have such a fun life with them. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend with or without any pets who live with you. My Billy sends you a very contented purr and wants to say to you that he is quite pleased that Bear is not living here ;0) We are continuing to have lots of April showers but also some lovely sunshine too so my garden is growing well.

Back soon,

Bye for now,

Jane x


June Nelson said...

Hiya Jane aww how cute its the cat and how cute is the dog too!! what a beautiful puppy, aw he is just so cute!!! your like me I love animals I have 2 cats 4 dogs and a cockateil and had gerbils etc etc etc arent they gorgeous, animals??? awww, The card is beautiful too darlin, have alovely evening and I will look forward to watching "Bear " grow up too x huggies from me xxxxxxxx

Jane said...

June he is such the sweetest boy. You have quite a houseful! We just have our Billy at home, I agree animals are very special. Have a lovely weekend,
Jane x

brenda said...

OH what a sweetie Jane, he is gorgeous. And I can see just who's in charge on that rocking chair.

Pretty card as well.

Have a good weekend.

B x

Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

I am a cat-girl as you know, and Billy-boy has stolen my heart already *kisses, kisses* but that Bear-baby is just so cute! And he's one BIG boy already, he'll be quite something when he grows up! When will Billy&Bear meet or have they already? :)

That card is so pretty again, your work is the loveliest!

Happy Saturday!


Jane said...

Brenda he is just gorgeous and yes our Billy "owns" the rocking chair ;0) Thanks for liking my card too, have a lovely weekend,
Jane x

Jane said...

Mia you are like me, we are "Cat Girls" but yes if you could meet the sweetest puppy it is Bear. He is SO big for 8 weeks old. We are not sure that Bear and Billy will meet very often...poor Billy would run a mile I think! We shall see ;0) Thanks for your sweet comments always,
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Jane, I love Bear and it seems like that will be a perfect name for him as time goes on!!!!! I'm a dog person but have had 3 cats also when the kids were small. Love your card, you are so talented with your pro markers. Can't wait to watch Bear grow lucky your son is so close. Do I see puppy sitting in your future?

Jane said...

Hi Robin it's a great name. He is named after Bear Grylls who is famous here as an outdoor survival hero here....not sure he is known abroad? It also works so well as he does look like a sweet little bear :-) I am sure we will have some puppy sitting coming. Glad you are back and had a good time wit your dear Mum
Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awwwwwwwwwww Jane he is gorgeous!! I just want to squeeze him, he's so lovely. How could anyone with a heart not love that face. :)
You're going to have some fun with him, well maybe not Billy he might not see it as fun!! ;)
Brilliant name too!
We've had a couple of showers today but still not too bad, didn't stop me shopping anyway. ;)
Good luck as always with your pretty card.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Vivienne x

Jane said...

He is just such a sweet puppy Vivienne. I think we're a bit like furry grandparents...we get all the good bits and none of the toilet training ;-) Hope you had fun shopping. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Jane x

michele said...

Hi Jane!
Well, Billy certainly has a tentative expression- "They brought home a WHAT?!"
But how lucky for all of us to have another cuddly creature to ooh and ahh over here!
And what a cute card this is, too! So fun to find inspiration in the sweet moments!
Thanks for sharing them! :o)

Jane said...

Hi Michele, great to see you back here! Billy and Bear have not met yet....I'm not sure how that would go but no doubt at some point they will! It's great that our son lives so near...there will be plenty of visiting and it will be lovely to see Bear growing up. Thanks for liking my card. Have a great Sunday.
Jane x

downrightcrafty said...

gorgeous creation and love the presentation of your film, thank you for joining us at the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge
Hugs Kate xx

ps cute little puppy :)

Jane said...

Thanks for visiting Kate and yes he is one very cute puppy ;-)
Jane x

Jane Grant Tentas said...

You know I'm more of a cat person, but that is one adorable puppy! I wonder how Billy will react when they meet, but from your cat's demeanor I imagine he can hold his own. Hopefully the package I sent off will arrive soon. I'm on school vacation this week, so am looking forward to spending a lot of time in the studio! Enjoy your April showers!

Jane said...

You are another of us Cat Women Jane but I so agree that Bear is one adorable puppy. I am so excited to see your artwork of Billy...he is quite a photogenic boy isn't he! Enjoy your time off.
Jane x

Andie's Space said...

Hi Jane,
This looks fab. Love your image & card design. Thanks for joining us at Secret Crafter's Saturday Challenge.
Andie xx

Teje said...

Hi Jane! I'm having my morning tea in Finland and I'm happy to send you sunny wishes from here!
Iiik - Your sons puppy is so beautiful - he is the same mix like Nero!!! Give him lots of hugs from me and Nero and kisses to Billy!
x Teje

Jane said...

Hi Andie, thanks for your visit.
Jane x

Jane said...

Good morning Teje, I am just having my breakfast before heading off to work. Bear is gorgeous isn't he and yes he is half German Shepherd like your dear Nero. My husband has the week off this week and is heading up to see Bear and help with puppy duties today! It's a sunny start here but more rain is heading this way which is watering my garden very well.Hugs to you and yours,
Jane x

Sarah said...

Such a wonderful card!Bear is so cute!

Thanks for joining us at the Pretty Little Ribbon Shop challenge.

Sarah x

Kerry said...

OMgoodness Bear is adorable Jane!!! I daren't show Ryan as he would want one too lol. First thing I thought when you mentioned his breed was he's going to be a big one! When we got Rocky his paws were huge and I was a bit worried but thankfully he hasn't grown into them! I feel some puppy sitting duties looming and you will have a great time going for walks. Just hope he and Billy will get along ;-D Your card is VERY cute...those Gorjuss Girls just ooze sweetness. I am going to have to invest in those sentiments as I'm seeing them around a lot these days...OR learn how to make them myself. Hmmm...might be quicker buying some lol. xx

Trudie said...

How cute is that puppy!!!! (I am really allergic to all animals but when I see gorgeous little things like this I just go to mush!!!!) Beautiful card aswell. Thank you for joining us at MMCS this week.
Trudie x

Jane said...

My Hb has been on puppy duties today Kerry! Bear's paws are so huge, he does promise to be a BIG boy. His first injections are this week so in a few weeks he will be able to go out for walks. Gorjuss Girls stamps are very sweet aren't they and as for the circular know how much I love them, they are on nearly all my cards! Have a great week,
Jane x

Jane said...

Thanks Sarah and yes Bear is so cute!
Jane x

Jane said...

I'm not really a dog girl Trudie but Bear really does make everyone melt, he is the happiest boy too.Thanks for visiting,
Jane x

Helen Philipps said...

What a cute puppy, Jane! He is really like a little bear! I love your sweet card with the bear too. Wishing you a happy week (it's pouring with rain here but the garden needs it!)
Helen x

Jane said...

Hi Helen, we just thought the name was perfect.He really is such a good natured puppy too and is settled in with M and C really quickly. Thanks for liking my Bear card. We are still having lots of showers but the garden is looking good for it. Have a good week, I bought CB this month and loved it and the freebies ;0)
Jane x

Karen said...

What a handsome cat and a very darling puppy!
xo Karen

Laney said...

Oh my goodness, he is going to be a big strong boy!! I used to have a German Shepherd Dog, my beautiful Ricky. Hope your son knows what he has let himself in for!! Shepherds and guard/herding dogs are just wonderful with the right training and gentle but firm hand, I loved my Ricky but he did eat the house!! literally. One conservatory, one three piece suite, flooring, christmas tree (was having number one son that day!) oak doors, cat flaps and door frames. He never chewed any clothes, shoes or childrens items, just the big stuff!! but I loved him and can never imagine not having him in my life. I hope your Bear, brings many many happy years to the family. He is a sweetie...I feel a bead coming up! Laney x

Linda Hensley said...

I just love puppies, though I've been making progress with my kitty relations recently. Much happiness to your son and his expanding family! I really like that border and the gems on the card too. Cuteness all the way around!

Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Oh my goodness, Bear is so adorable Jane...he really is a beauty...I'm sure you are going to spoil him on your visits!...Love your pic of Billy too who always looks so handsome and dignified....
Your 'Bear' inspired card is lovely...Good luck in your challenges!
Hope you have a happy week,
Susan x

Jane said...

They are both such sweet souls Karen, thanks for visiting,
Jane x

Jane said...

Bear is doing great Laney, just one chewed through lap top cable so far ;0) He already will go to his bed when told and is such a bundle of energy. He will indeed bring lots of joy to us all.
Jane x

Jane said...

I'm glad you're coming round to Kitties Linda, both are glorious but I will never stop being a Cat Girl!
Jane x

Jane said...

I have visited him today Susan and he has settled in SO well, bless him. Our Billy is happily here and I am not sure he and Bear will meet for some time! Thanks for visiting.
Jane x

Lori said...

Love the pink die cut you used on your card and the image is so sweet! What a darling puppy and kitty!

Jane said...

That's another Martha Stewart punch Lori it's a shame they are so expensive in the UK as I would love more of them. Billy and Bear are gorgeous aren't they!
Jane x

Mrs Wonka said...

It's official I want Billy & Bear to come and love at my house! They are both adorable!

Great card as well, I love the image.

Happy crafting!

Mrs Wonka (Zoe) x

Sonia said...

Great card fits the challenge perfectly.Aww what a lovely little puppy..
Thanks for joining in with the Secret Crafters Saturday Challenge this week.
Hugs Sonia xx

Jane said...

LOL Zoe..they are both adorable. Thanks for visiting me here.
Jane x

Jane said...

Thank you Sonia, have a great weekend.
Jane x

Bev said...

Awww he's gorgeous sweetie, he's got the loveliest eyes x

Jane said...

He has just had his first jab today Bev...not long til walkies time ;0)
Jane x

Redrottie said...

a beautiful card! thanks for joining in with 'sparkle and shine' over at 'stampin for he weekend' xx hugs Redrottie

Jane said...

Thanks so much,
Jane x