Monday, 18 April 2011

A promise fulfilled

If you remember I wrote this post about the promise I once made my daughter many years ago that I would happily make her engagement cake. Tom proposed to her at the summit of Scout Kinder in the Peak District on 11th December last year. We were due to have a family celebration the following weekend but this was cancelled due to the heavy snow we had during the coldest winter the UK has endured for 30 years.

They decided they did not want to miss out on a celebration and last weekend they finally held their party to which I took the promised engagement cake.

Well here it is................

My theme was red hearts on a white cake.

I spent days cutting out a multitude of different shaped hearts so that I could have a play with some designs. I also decided that as well as a central plaque I wanted to make a heart "explosion" which would come out of the cake. I attached sugar paste hearts to wires which I then "corkscrewed" using a pencil. Some hearts were also painted silver with edible food colouring.
Now whilst working on this I had one of those "light bulb" moments and decided that to make a permanent reminder I would add a  special twist to the cake...I would make a precious metal clay silver heart pendant which would match some of the icing hearts I made. I had great fun making this at home, rolling out the clay and firing it with my blow torch.

I then polished it and added a silver jump ring.
Here it is next to one of the icing hearts.

I tied a red ribbon to it and hid it amongst the "explosion " heart spray I made.  I also bought a silver chain to hang it from.

The evening before the party I made up my traditional (and very simple) all in one sponge recipe. It was left to cool overnight and the next morning I sliced it open and sandwiched it together with a thick layer of home made vanilla butter cream and my favourite shop bought raspberry jam. I like strawberry jam with a plain vanilla butter icing but Milly loves raspberry so that is what I used. I never scrimp on my fillings as I like my cakes to taste as good as I hope they look.
I then had the task of putting my plan together.Luckily it all went well and after a few hours concentrated work it was finished.
If you look above you can see the silver heart hidden amongst the heart explosion.

I then put it carefully into a cake box (always essential if you are transporting cakes anywhere) and we drove down to Essex with it in the boot of the car.

Milly and Tom were delighted with their cake and Milly was so touched by the special pendant. We had a wonderful party and everyone enjoyed getting together to celebrate their engagement. I nearly forgot to capture the cake cutting moment so apologies that the photo I took is not brilliant. Tom was wearing a hat as it was a "hat and slippers" party -  it is not his usual apparel! And yes together with that lovely dress Milly really is wearing slippers!
Milly spoke to me the next day and said she had been wearing her pendant on the chain and loved it. I think my idea of a reminder in silver was good as by then there was also virtually no cake left.........she is the biggest fan of her Mum's home made cakes ;0)

Wishing the pair of them a lifetime of love and happiness and here's to 28.7.12

Bye for now,

Jane x


Helen Philipps said...

What an amazing cake, Jane! Really perfect for an engagement, and I love the idea of making the silver pendant as a keepsake to match the shape of the hearts. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the party too, that's a lovely picture of the cake cutting moment.
Have a great week.
Helen x

Jane said...

Thanks Helen, I was so pleased I had my "light bulb" moment re the pendant! We had a such lovely time.
Jane x

Mia said...

That is just perfect cake, Jane, and even more special with that pendant for Milly to wear years to come every engagement day (and any other day, it's beautiful!). I am so happy you had this party as it was devastating with all that snow first time. And I see you have set the date, yippee!

Have a wonderful week and kisses to B!


Jane said...

It's hard to remember all our snow Mia but it really did spoil lots of plans in December. We were so pleased that they held their party on Saturday and yes....the date is set! Milly does treasure her are very kind with your comments. Sending you some of our continuing sunshine my dear,
Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Wow Jane, what a clever girl you are!!! That is a wonderful cake and what a great idea with the pendant, it's lovely that Milly will always have a reminder! The cake really is a work of art.
I see the date has been set, so it's all systems go then!! I too wish them a lifetime of happiness. :)
Vivienne x

The Crystal Elephant said...

Wow! What a wonderful cake. Your very talented. The heart pendant looks fab too. Congratulations to the happy couple xx

Jane said...

You're very kind Vivienne.Yes its all systems go now...the venue is booked too!
Have a sunny week, it's due to hit 24oc here by Thursday.
Jane x

Jane said...

Welcome "Crystal" great to see you here and thanks for your kind comment.

Jane x

Teje said...

Dear Jane! You made amazing Love Cake for the happy young couple! Your idea for the silver pendant was unique and it will be so wonderful memory to your daughter!
Have a lovely week!
xxx Teje

Jane said...

What a great name Teje- their "Love Cake"! Have a sunny week too, we are loving this weather.
Jane x

Shirley said...

W-O-W!!! You are SO amazing. This is such a special cake, Jane..truly special and gorgeous. And that silver pendant is just the tops! As always, I am impressed with the quality of your love-filled work. I'm sure your daughter loved it. I'm finally following you! (gosh what has taken me so long?!) and thank you so much for your super generous kind words about Mary Hamilton and my peep illo! You are just the best!

Jane said...

Tee hee Shirley but you have been "following" me silently! There was indeed a lot of love put into this cake....they so deserve it, they are a very special couple (yes I know I'm biased ;0)
Have a great week, keep painting
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Jane, that is the most amazing cake and decorated it is a masterpiece. It looks so delicious but to pretty to eat! The pendant will always hold a special place in your daughters heart. Something so special from Mom! You did a fantastic job both in planning and preparing. You should be so proud! xoRobin❤

Jane said...

You're so sweet Robin, I really enjoyed making was full of love :0) (and lots of butter cream and jam too!!)
Hope the sunshine reaches you really soon,
Jane x

by Teresa said...

Jane, Bravo!! You "take the cake" - what a wonderful mom and artist! The cake is brilliant.. and the idea of making a silver necklace to mark this special day forever is simply amazingly wonderful! I have been wanting to do some silver clay work.. must get the supplies and try it.

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

michele said...

What a beautiful work of "heart!" So thoughtful of you to create a unique keepsake to commemorate the happy occasion! Thanks for sharing the pics- I can feel the joy all the way over here in so. Cal!
Sending a big hug to you! :o)

Jane said...

Love the pun there Teresa, that really made me smile. Thanks so much for your really must try PMC but if possible I would try to take a class first if you possibly can.It's the basics..handling the clay, firing techniques etc which are the tricky bits and are much more helpful to "see in the flesh".Once you can do that bit the sky's the limit! Thanks for the hug,
Jane x

Jane said...

Michele I can feelthe warmth in that hug sent all the way across the pond to here! Thanks so much. I have so enjoyed sharing this with my blogging friends. Another great "pun" to make me smile too.Have a great week,
Jane x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aaahh what a lovely cake and gorgeous idea re the necklace, it is just perfect! I bet it will be cherished for many many years. By the way, I am intrigued, what are the playing cards for?

Jane said...

Thanks! The playing cards are used when rolling out the clay to ensure the thickness is correct and even. You put an equal number of cards (3 or 4 for a pendant) either side and roll the clay out on a teflon pad between works really well!
Jane x