Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spring cleaning and planting

As we had such a glorious weekend last week I decided that it was time to start my gardening spring cleaning. My garden is very tiny and most of my plants are grown in pots. That means that come the spring it is time to start thinking about cleaning them.

I am not sure if I am just a little obsessive but I like to give them a good scrub with warm soapy water. Out came the bucket and scrubbing brush and I set to with a few of the pots. And yes I even clean the crocks I use as drainage!

It was good to see them drying in the wonderful sunshine on the path.

This year I have decided to try my hand at growing ranunculus and arum lilies. I have bought both of them as young plants in the past and thought that they would be interesting to try to grow myself. The Internet is so useful and I was able to look up how deep to plant them. I also needed to know what way up to plant the ranunculus. They are very odd little bulbs (they are actually a type of rhizome).

They are like little bunches of bananas and I found out that they needed to be planted with the "bananas" facing down. The lilies were easier as they have "eyes" where they shoot from so obviously these face up.

I was delighted after a few hours to have 2 pots of lilies and 4 pots of ranunculus all potted up. I then put them amongst the sunny south facing border I have and let them settle in. In the background and at the front you can also see my hostas beginning to shoot up. Also the foxgloves are springing to life.

You may also be interested to see how my chilies are doing.

Here they are 2 weeks ago

And here they are at the weekend..I have potted on some of the bigger plants and made some "cloches" out of empty soft drink bottles as they do need to be kept warm until the weather is much hotter here.

So my spring cleaning produced some newly potted bulbs and my planted chili seeds are already decent sized little plants!

Tonight is "The" engagement party and I am just about to start assembling the cake....I shall be back next week to show you how it turned out.
Just to give you a little sneak peak.......

 Have a wonderful weekend enjoying yourselves,

Bye for now,

Jane x


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love ranunculus but sadly never had much success with them, I'm looking forward to seeing yours they are very pretty plants!
It's a really good idea to give your pots a good wash out to kill all the germs. Your chillies are coming on a treat too.
That cake looks wonderful, I hope you all have a fantastic party especially the happy couple.
Vivienne x

Jane said...

Good morning Vivienne we will have to see what happens to my ranunculus..I will keep you "posted". The cake has butter cream and jam in and I am about to cover it with the fondant icing!
We are so looking forward to tonight.Have a great Saturday,
Jane x

Mia said...

Oh the garden starts to look wonderful, Jane, you have everything perfectly ready for the summer! And the cake... It's just fantastic!

Please give my best to the sweet-hearts and have a fabulous party! Here's to the happy couple!


Teje said...

Hello Jane, lovely garden post! Have a wonderful party tonight! xxx Teje

Helen Philipps said...

You are very organised, getting your pots ready all clean and scrubbed - I love to see it! I look forward to seeing the flowers growing soon, and to seeing that fab engagement cake! I hope the party is wonderful tonight!
Helen x

michele said...

Such a tempting peek at the dessert... I can't wait to see the rest of the cake and hear about the party!
Yes, I'm convinced that you go to great lengths and take such good care with everything you do- down to the "N'th" degree! Sending my best wishes to the lovely couple! Enjoy these happy times! :o)

by Teresa said...

If our weather ever stops raining I will clean up my pots too. Can't wait to see the finished cake!!

Hugs, Teresa

Jane said...

Good morning everyone and thanks so much for all your kind wishes sent to the happy couple....we had such a wonderful party last night and the cake was a real this space...;O)


My Dear Mia, my garden is taking off so well and the weather is still being pretty kind, hope you get to see your garden soon and the snow vanishes


Hi Teje, I think some of your sunshine must have been pushed our way!


Helen, there is nothing more satisfying that getting the first clean pots ready for the new planting season!


You are so kind Michele, there was a little "extra" I did with the cake which went down so well..I will reveal all in my next post!


Poor you Teresa with all the rain although I must admit we could do with some here, we were really short on rain in March and the ground is very dry


Thanks again all, your comments always make my day!
Back soon with "the cake"!!
Jane x

Linda Hensley said...

I love your blissed out Billy picture in your last post :) Beautiful flowers, and I love what you do with all those pots. Almost inspires me to plant flowers instead of vegetables, but I'll probably go with the veggies. I enjoy eating my garden. I hope you had a wonderful party!

Jane said...

Hi Linda, I try to grow a few veg in my tiny garden, usually beans, tomatoes and hopefully this year the chilies! I would love to have your outside space and then I would be off with the rotovator and eating ALL my own produce. The party was awesome...the cake....fab ;0)
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Jane, Hope the party was a huge success! I'm sure it was. The cake looked like it was going to be lovely and so romantic. Can't wait to see it. Loving all your pottings and seedlings. Still waiting for some spring here. Had to buy myself some more tulips to brighten our family room. Weather gloomy, we are surrounded by mountains and the clouds are caught in the valley. xoRobin❤

Jane said...

Hi Robin,I'm blowing some sunshine your way.....I so hope some signs of spring arrive your way very soon. Buying some tulips is always a great idea to bring spring indoors.
The party was great...a new post will be soon and the cake will be revealed!!
Jane x