Tuesday, 30 November 2010

25 days til...............

Snowy Surrey, (it is today!!)
Tuesday  30th November 2010

Dear Father Christmas,

I am writing to tell you that I have tried to be a good girl this year. It's very difficult but I think some of the time I am?  As you know for the last 40 something years I always get so excited at this time of the year. To help me count down the final few weeks  I always have an advent calender. This year it is one that I bought in Nuremberg, Germany,  in 2008, when I was lucky enough to go to the Christmas market there.

There were stalls upon stalls of wonderful Christmas delights and my Hb and I spent 3 days wandering around this beautiful city and enjoying the festivities.
We bought lots of new Christmas tree ornaments and decorations.

At night we sipped warm Gluhwein which made us glow and filled the cold night air with the scent of Christmas.

While we were there in December 2008 we bought several German Advent calendars, just like the ones I used to have when I was a little girl. They are so nostalgic. This is the one I have chosen to hang up for this year and I am so looking forward to opening the first window tomorrow morning.

It's a lovely double length which I will hang up by my bedside table tonight. These days it takes me a little longer to find the little number on each window. I open a window every  morning, right up to the morning of Christmas Eve.
Even my "baby" daughter and son (now aged 24 and 21) still have an advent calendar....not sure my son would approve of that snippet of info if he ever read this blog!) Actually there is no chance of that so his secret is safe just between the 2 of us....

When I was small I always wrote my wish list to you on 30th November and sent it to you up the chimney. This year my  husband has offered to do this for you ..... so here goes;

Jane's Christmas wish list 2010.

If I have been good enough, any of these would be super......
  1. Some cutters so that I can continue to experiment with my precious metal clay I so enjoyed making my pendant recently.
  2. Some new Body Shop shower gel and soaps, you know me, I do like these, and a girl can never have enough of these things.
  3. A solder sheet and solder block for my jewellery making.
  4. Estee Lauder White Linen body lotion, my favourite smelly and I have managed to run out of this (how timely).
  5. Last but not least and in fact this is my biggest wish for every Christmas......................
To have my nearest and dearest sitting around my Christmas table , laughing and joking over dinner and the awful jokes in the crackers. To see their faces when they open their presents  and then to enjoy playing silly games and chatting well into the evening....Christmas bliss.

Thank you Father Christmas,

Love Jane

Age 40 something xx

I will not forget to leave out  the sherry and mince pie for you on Christmas eve and the carrot for Rudolf ;0)

(I hope everyone is enjoying my ** to Christmas, the days are really flying by now. My next Christmas post is about none other  than our Christmas Tree which we hope to buy at the weekend, Jx)


  1. I'm sure you have been a good girl Jane and Father Christmas will bring you what you've asked for!!
    Lovely advent calendar, I'm sure the German markets are beautiful!
    By the way I love the Body Shop too!! :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Thank you Vivienne I hope so! Well I got my wish and it has been snowing now for several hours and we have about 4". My jewellery class and dancing class have both been cancelled so I am enjoying my day off making my christmas cards whilst watching the snow outside..bliss .
    Glad you are a Body Shop girl too!
    Keep warm,
    Jane x

  3. Thank you for such a charming Christmassy post, Jane! I loved the pictures of the German market and I felt so nostalgic seeing your advent calendar with those little bits of glitter dotted about on the picture. It was nice to have a peek at your Christmas list too! I'm sure you've been good and will get all those things on it! Helen x

  4. Thank you Helen, the weather today has made it feel even more like Christmas is in the air...mind you my poor son's normal 25 minute drive home turned into 3 1/2 hours!We do not seem to be able to deal with snow in the UK do we...mind you it's very magical.
    Keep warm,
    Jane x

  5. I loved this post, Jane!!! I can still remember those calendars (even the smell of the cardboard and the silvery fairy-snow everywhere in kitchen) - we cannot get them here anymore. I would love to see one of those German Christmas markets one day.

    And you've been so good this year I am sure Santa will bring you all those and who knows maybe an extra piggy-package too ;)

    Have a wonderful December 1st!


  6. I am so glad you remember these calendars Mia. They had lots for sale in Nuremberg and they only cost a couple of euros each so I bought a supply to last a few years :0 I also remember from childhood seeing the glitter shining in the darkness like magic snow and yes it still goes everywhere.
    I am glad you think I have been good, can you try telling that directly to Santa? ;0X
    Keep warm in your savage temperatures, it's -1 oc here and we are complaining!
    Jane x

  7. Dear Jane, wonderful beginning for the December, which I feel very special this years with my blog friends! I love also Christmas calenders! Thank you for a lovely Christmas story and beautiful photos! xxx Teje

  8. Hi Teje, we are continuing to shiver here -4oc tonight..eek.
    It is great to share all our Christmas traditions via our blogs,I am really enjoying it- such great fun with blogging friends all over the world. Thank you for joining me,
    Jane x


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