Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My retro celebrations begin....

I would not usually make a big issue about my birthday but those of you who know me well may remember that I have a very special  FIVE O one coming up very soon. I hope you will indulge me sharing with you a few posts about  my birthday delights.

Well the day is nearly here and last Saturday I started the beginnings of my "Big" Birthday celebrations. My oldest dearest friend Karen and her Hb came over for a meal at our favourite Chinese restaurant. She had asked me if they could come over a little earlier as she had my birthday present. I was told that I just had to open it in front of her...even though it is a little early; she could not allow this to go unwatched!

They arrived an hour before we were due to go out to eat and she came bearing the most wonderful basket of gifts. Just take a look at this!

Everything was wrapped in blue tissue with gold ribbons, laid in a glorious hamper with more wonderful packaging. It was enough to make a grown (very much now) girl cry.

There was a card to open first ( I have a birthday card too which I will save for the day) and it read inside, ".. enjoy a fabulous retro birthday."

The card gave me a little clue as to what I would find hidden in my basket. Karen and I both love Ladybird books, Enid Blyton, etc etc, they are so part of our childhood. We have known one another since our earliest secondary school days and first became friends in 1972. We celebrate 39 years of friendship this September. We went to Girl Guides together, first discos, wore first fashion trends from minis to maxis and from flared trousers to the tightest fits. Our first loves were cried over and of course we met our dear Hbs. We went through all our school exams together, first jobs, our weddings, first homes, celebrated out childrens' births and more. It is a lifetime of friendship which I treasure.  
  She set out my parcels to open and I just had to show you what I unwrapped.

....on the back of this was a summary which make me smile so much. Have a read and if you are of a similar age it will ring very true to you too.......

How great is children would certainly not understand it!   It was the on the back of a beautiful birthday book shown below.

And yes I even remember wearing party dresses and hair
ribbons similar to this when I was around 6-8 years old. I always remember some of the fabrics used were nylon and itchy.
It was not too elegant having a scratch in your best party frock!

I can also remember my brother sometimes wearing little clip on ties but never a jacket!

My party dress for this weekend will certainly not be yellow and I will not be wearing a pink ribbon in my hair either!

Here are just some of the wonderful presents I found in my hamper.....a real retro delight, the sweetie jar was full of old childhood favourites and it even had a packet of smarties with a "J" on the lid!
And one other of my favourites is this fantastic old retro poster from the days when we all wore "ladybird" clothes...oh my just look at the fashions!

So now I am awaiting my Big Day  and then my Party Lunch on Sunday...just to give you a peep, these are the place names I have made.They are die cut butterflies which I have stuck little sparkly jewels to.
and I have also made some gifts for everyone.....without revealing too much here before the day, these are some in their little spring organza gift bags ready to place at the table.
I shall reveal their contents in a future post, after the event. They were such good fun to make and will give each of my 30 guests a little memento of my special day.

So I will be back soon to reveal both my birthday celebrations and also my party lunch. I will take my camera with me and take lots of photos to show you. I will also raise a glass of champagne to all my lovely blogger friends out there. Thank you for reading my blog, I so enjoy your company. I also want to thank you again for all the comments you take the time to leave, they are such fun to read and are so appreciated.


Bye for now,

Jane x


  1. I had to laugh when I read the ladybird card, I am definitely of the 'Ladybird Generation'. I too remember Ladybird clothes. Such fun gifts, I actually would have been very happy with the basket, it's gorgeous! Your little place settings are so pretty.
    Jane I hope you have the happiest of birthday's, enjoy a lovely day on Saturday and a brilliant lunch with your family and friends on Sunday.
    Happy Birthday! :) xxxxxx

    Vivienne x

  2. Dear Friend,

    You definitely had the most perfect basket! And old friends ( and not meaning OLD you know;) ) who know you best always find the most delightful presents. I am so happy you have started your celebrations, and now you can continue until next week!

    Happy last 40something days, dear Jane, I will be raising my glass for you on the big day!


  3. Hi Vivienne, my bday is on Friday, can't wait, it even looks like the rain may stay away :0) I really did laugh too with my Ladybird true! Thanks for your kind wishes,it's always good to see you here. Cheers!
    Jane x

  4. My Dear Mia,
    I shall see if I can make these celebrations last for rest of the week! My colleague at work brought in a big birthday balloon today...there was no denying my age to my patients!
    Thank you so much my friend for all your wishes and surprises...I will raise my glass to you too..cheers.
    Jane x
    PS I wonder if I need to change my profile which says I am 40 something ;0)

  5. Dear Jane, *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you!! Oh to be as young as you again! :-)

    What a great friend you have!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  6. Hi Janey,

    What a lovely post! So glad that you enjoyed your presents, I had such a great time getting them together.

    Enjoy your week of celebrations and I am really glad that you have caught me up again..... Looking forward to Sunday, Karenxox

  7. Hi Teresa, thanks for your birthday wishes. Karen is my very best friend...such a treasure!
    Cheers to you out across the pond!
    Jane x

  8. Hiya Karen my dearest friend, so good to "see" you here. I just loved what you did for lucky to have known you all for all these years. What times we've had and so many laughs. Here's to another 39 years of our very special bond.
    Looking forward to Sunday. (Dare I remind you that you will over take me again in September ;0) (LOL)
    Jane xOx

  9. Hi my dear Janey, Now I've started doing this, I can't stop!

    You are right, such great times and laughs, here's to many more. Don't forget our days at Keynote for Quality!

    Have a wonderful time on Friday, and thank you so much for your great friendship, I am blessed to have you in my life. Much love Karen xox

  10. Tee hee,comment away! We will raise a glass or 2 on Sunday my dear.
    Jane XOX

  11. Happy Birthday to you, Jane! Even though it's a little bit early, it's time to celebrate! It makes me smile to know that you have such a long standing friendship with your good pal Karen. 50 is just a number of years, and you are so fortunate to have been blessed with as many good ones! Cheers to you! Enjoy your day!
    (from a fellow "Ladybirder"):o)

  12. Thanks Michele, I so agree about 50 just being a number...especially as in my head I think I stopped countint at about 25! One more sleep til my big day...I am so excited I feel like I am a kid again!
    Take care, Jane x
    (Glad to see you are also a fellow Ladybirder :0)

  13. What a great post, and so many lovely presents! I'm so happy for you, Jane, to have such a wonderful friend! Have a great day tomorrow, I hope it's going to be bright and sunny for you! xx

  14. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Jane! You have had some wonderful presents there from a friend who knows you so well - how lovely! Those images really bring back the memories!! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating, and I hope the sun shines for you too!Helen x

    I'm so happy to celebrate with you - would be so great to join your party! You have really unique friendship with your best girls friend! She has gathered the most lovely present basket for you! I miss Enid Blyton's books!
    I wish you the best ever weekend with your family and friends!
    xxx Teje
    Ps. Don't worry, I have already forgot that I'm 50 - I'm still 40 something...

  16. happy birthday! what a wonderful basket of goodies! thanks for the lovely comment about my spring is here card on the penny black at allsorts challenge; i almost never use orange, but i'm warming up to it. :)

  17. Hi Nelli, thank you for my birthday wishes and yes the sun is out :0)
    Jane x

  18. Yes Helen, it's been such a great day..just got home from lunch in London...will post some photos soon. Thanks for your kind wishes,
    Jane x

  19. Hi Teje, thanks and at least my blogging friends can join the celebrations via my photos. Glad to hear your are another "retro girl" ;0)
    Jane x

  20. Hi Linda, great to see you here and thanks for your kind wishes, I am having a fab birthday!
    Jane x


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