Monday, 28 February 2011

Postscript to my Boy's Birthday

Thank you everyone for leaving such kind messages for Matt's special day. We had a really fun family tea party and I thought I would just share a few more photos...however there is one small camera broke on Wednesday morning....eeeeekkk! I have never realised how much I rely on it. I took a few with my phone camera but the quality is not brilliant and I cannot find the download cable so you will have to imagine our family party on Thursday evening. Thank goodness I had already photographed the plaque for the birthday cake.
The good news is that my dear Hb has decided to give me my birthday present new camera arrived on Friday and I have been playing with it over the needs some getting used to but boy is it an improvement!! Here is a sneak peak of few quick practice shots....

 I took this of dear Billy having a snooze. I can really get great close ups now..
Here is another, of the flowers on the table...

Yes my beloved daffadowndillies!

and lastly one to show all that was left of the cake by the time my new camera arrived.....

I shall go back to good old fashioned  writing and describe the fun we had at Matt's birthday party. We had a real old  fashioned birthday tea with food including cheese and pineapple on sticks, cocktail sausages, pizza, dips, salad, crisps, cheeses and bread. I even made jelly and everyone had jelly and ice cream for pudding.We played pin the tale on the donkey and charades and everyone was in fits of laughter. It's so good to have times like this with the family. Both Milly and Tom joined us together with my Mum and Dad and Matt's darling girlfriend. Great times and they give us such fond memories.

The photos at the end of this post had been put on the computer before my old camera broke.
I also forgot to show you the card I made for Matt's birthday...
Once again I commissioned the talented Vita to paint me a special ACEO that can then be framed or used as a special bookmark. Matt has always love giraffes since he was tiny. He loves giraffes like I love pigs! A friend of mine bought him a yellow velour giraffe on the day he was born which became Matt's special soft toy...everyone has one! His was called Yellow Horsie and he is still around in Matt's room if you look closely ;0)

I used this delightful painting for the focal of the card

I chose some bold backing papers, one with numbers the other with balloons to create a really bold colourful card.
He was delighted with it.

I had also taken a few photos of some other cards I made recently and I thought now would be a good opportunity to share them.
I bought some very beautiful limited edition cat prints which I used as keepsakes for Matt's girlfriend's card last October....
And this one below was for a friend's birthday in December.
As you can guess they are real cat fans and loved these images.

So there we are, another birthday over for my Boy, it was great one. Cheers to Matt!

I will now start to have more of a play with my camera and I look forward to sharing some new photos with you all.

Bye for now,

Jane x


  1. I'm so glad you had a lovely party for your son's birthday! And I'm also glad to hear you have a new camera!! The new pictures are looking wonderful already! I love the close up of lovely Billy, and the beautiful daffodils too. Have fun taking photos this week - I just know you will!
    Helen x

  2. So glad Matt's birthday was fun! I love his card, the giraffe is gorgeous.
    I also really love your cat cards! My friend really loved the card you made me for her, I have to say it really did stand out amongst the other cards!!
    The photos from your new camera are great, I especially love the one of Billy, of course he's always going to look good!!! Looking forward to lots more photography now!
    Have a good week Jane. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. I love the picture of Billy, and love looking through your son's years of cakes. What a lucky boy! Beautiful cards too. Such a good mommy :) Sounds like a great birthday party, and glad you got your birthday present early.

  4. Hi Helen, I shall certainly enjoy learning to use my new camera..we just need the weather to improve a bit to get some outside shots. Enjoy your week too,
    Jane x

  5. Hi Vivienne, my Billy is a very handsome chap.. but I know I am also very biased-LOL.I'm so glad your friend liked her card, I enjoyed creating it for you!
    Have a great week,
    Jane x

  6. Hi Linda, Billy is a real favourite subject for my photos, he is also so nosey that he tends to get into lots of them anyway!Matt's years of cakes were fun weren't they. Hope your snow improves soon,
    Jane x

  7. Hello Jane,

    And congratulations for a new camera! I got mine about a year ago and still struggle with it sometimes, there are so many buttons :) But live without one now: no way!

    The cards you make are wonderful! I love the "Billy" card (and the close-up of him, too) and Matt`s giraffe card is just too cute!

    I am so happy you had wonderful family-time, those are the best of B-days!

    Happy week!


  8. Hi my dear Mia, I agree about all the buttons on the camera! Even the "manual" is a CD, what happened to a simple booklet?!It was the happiest of birthdays...and yours is fast approaching ;0)
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane! I'm happy to hear you spent lovely time together!
    Your cards are again so beautiful and unique!
    Have a lovely week! xxx Teje

  10. Thanks Teje, have a great week with all your lovely sunshine, we could do with some here!
    Jane x

  11. Dear Jane, you are obviously loved and spoiled by a very nice husband! Me too! What kind of camera did you get? Sounds like a wonderful and memorable party for your son and family.

    Hugs from Oregon, Teresa

  12. Indeed I am Teresa, I am very, very lucky, my dear Hb is so good to me. He bought me a Panasonic TZ8 and I cannot believe the quality compared to my old Olympus Mju!!I am having fun learning to use it but even on its "intelligent"auto mode it is great!
    Jane x

  13. Beautiful projects! Love the color and vitality here, Jane!
    I'm visiting from Fairy Lanterns way of Puerto Rico! Your little black and white cat has a charming face!

  14. Welcome Cynthia- it's great to have you here. Thank you for your kind comment. Billy features in my posts quite a lot...he is actually part tabby..he sends a big purr your way. Happy Wednesday and hope to see you here again soon,
    Jane x


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