Sunday, 10 April 2011

Plucky little plants

Last autumn I planted up a couple of pots with these bulbs and plants to give me something cheerful to look out at from  my kitchen window and back door during the gloomy winter months..

I tucked the bulbs inside, covered them in a big blanket of compost and then topped the pots with  pretty violas, primroses and autumn colour foliage plants.

When planted up they gave a welcome bit of autumn colour in the garden as it faded from its last blaze of summer glory.

This was one of them last October.
Within weeks we started to get some heavy frosts and the flowers got frozen solid.
And by early December everything was covered with a thick blanket of snow.

I started to doubt that my pots I had planted could not really survive such conditions. I knew the bulbs would be safe as they just doze away tucked up in their bed of compost.

I have been so amazed that not only have my pots survived but have flourished!

Here is the same pot in early March with the primulas in full flower and the tips of the daffodils just beginning to poke up.

And again a few weeks later with the daffodils in full bloom.
The tips of the tulips then started to peep through

and just look at the tulips this weekend...

Even my poor palm was like this in December,

And here is the similar view one month ago

and this below was us this weekend...............
For the last week we have been basking in some glorious warm spring weather here. It has reached 24oc and in my sheltered garden this weekend it felt so hot that even Billy retreated to the shade at times. I have cut the grass for the first time this year and we were  even able to have our  lunch and cups of tea in the garden in the sunshine. You can guess who also loved us being outside....

How amazing is nature and how resilient plants can be. I am so pleased I planted up a few bulbs last year to give me some colour until I am able to really get growing again. They really are my plucky little plants. I will soon be able to start filling those empty pots with summer plants soon. I plan to also try growing these...

So my grass had its first haircut, the bees started humming again and Billy was back outside loving the sunshine.

Oh bliss!

Bye for now,

Jane x


Denise said...

Lovely Jane!! Your sweet kitty please give a little scratch from me ;-)

Jane said...

Done.......Billy just loves a tickle under that chin....! Have a great week Denise,
Jane x

by Teresa said...

Dear Jane, what a WONDERFUL post! Loved seeing your pot over the year like that. What a tidy pretty garden you have. My 5 acres are much more wild and crazy. Cute kitty too.

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

Jane said...

Teresa I can just about cope with my tiny garden, goodness knows what I would do with 5 acres!! Hope you get some spring sunshine soon,
Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well you really got your money's worth out of that little pot didn't you Jane! It just kept coming!! It's amazing what they can take although sadly my husband had to cut down one of my buddleia this week as it was dead, thankfully there are new shoots coming out of the bottom, so it will come back.
Good to see Billy enjoying the sun, my 'cat friends' are sprawled about all over the garden on a sunny day.
Vivienne x

Jane said...

I certainly did Vivienne and there are still a couple of later flowering dafs and tulips to come! It's been such a lovely basking weather indeed ;0)
Jane x

Teje said...

Dear Jane, Billy is so lovely and funny! Cats do enjoy sunny weather! Your flowers are just so amazing - all that flowernesh together - beautiful! xxx Teje

Jane said...

Hi Teje, Billy has not stopped rolling about in the sunshine this weekend and that we were in the garden with him was perfect...he kept sitting on my deckchair, cheeky boy.He is exhausted now and fast asleep on his chair indoors,
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Jane, I loved seeing how your pot went from season to season. A great sequence of growth. Your kitty is so the picture of Billy sunny on his back. You are so far ahead of us, I get to enjoy your beauty and then mine,,,,,which then I will share with you. Have a great week. xoRobin❤

Jane said...

I know I am biased Robin but our Billy is the very sweetest boy and he just loves the sunshine.I look forward to sharing all your garden glory too in the coming months...everything is bursting into life again,
Jane x

Helen Philipps said...

Isn't it wonderful how those violas can survive freezing temperatures and thick snow and still be perky?! It's a wonderful time now as everything in the garden springs into life.Your pots look lovely. I hope you have some sunny garden days this week too, and Billy enjoys some basking!
Helen x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

Your garden is looking wonderful already and having Billy sunbathing there makes it extra special :)

Have a fantastic and sunny week (and it look a bit better here too!)!


Jane said...

Actually Helen I do believe the coldest winters seem to produce the best violas! It's sunny again today and the garden really is bursting into life.
Jane x

Jane said...

Hi Mia, my garden would not be the same without a cat....! Billy is such a sweetie, a real sun worshipper. I am glad to hear it is warming up finally and you will also soon see plants sprouting into life again in Finland. Have a sunny week too,
Jane x

michele said...

Hi Jane! Lovely to see daffodils and tulips in your garden pots this spring! And yes, I spied your ranunculus tubers there, too. I'll consider that a sneak peek into a future post! Wishing you (and of course, Billy) more sunshine and happy times in the garden this week! :o)

Jane said...

Tee hee, you know me well Michele, yes there is indeed a post coming out of those ranunculus(es)!!! I have only even bought potted versions in the past. Our lovely weather is set to cool down a little by Wednesday but it has been such a bonus to have lovely weather at the weekend when we dont have to go to work.Have a great week,
Jane x