Sunday, 15 May 2011

My card creations for celebrations

Now that is a tongue twister of a title!

Recently there have been several friend and family celebrations that I needed suitable cards for. I decided to have a card making morning and get them all made in one go. I thought I would share my latest creations with you and I have also updated my Etsy shop with a couple of newbies. I have been so busy recently that I had neglected putting any new cards up for sale. I charge postage only on the first card so any extra are enclosed for free. I have only shown UK postage rates but I am happy to post world wide, at cost, just contact me first through Etsy. If there is anything specific you would like made I can also list anything you would like made there or I can sell them direct. Most people do just buy directly from me, just use the "contact me" button in my Etsy shop.

The first card I needed to make was a thank you card.When the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married a few weeks ago we were invited to a surprise birthday party in the evening, for my daughter's future father in law. We had a really lovely evening down in Sandwich in Kent and the hosts were Ns sister and brother in law. They made us so welcome. I thought it would be fun to make a cup cake thank you card as we all ate 60th birthday cup cakes for the occasion. They were were delicious. I wish I had taken my camera to show you them. Never mind, below is the thank you card I made.

These little cup cake cuties are very popular. For this card I used a cup cake backing paper and a pretty coordinating striped paper together with a delicate pink butterfly border.

Here she is in close up.

I decided I would make a similar card for my "stock" and this is shown below, on the left. I have left the front blank so she would suit any occasion, birthday, thank you, congratulations etc. She is for sale here in my Etsy shop

I shall also show you the 60th birthday card I made for N.

Men's cards are always quite tricky and I really dislike the usual "beer" themes. I use a lot of black and white in my male cards, it always looks quite striking.

I also made the one below for my stock

Here I used some mini playing cards and had fun with one of my new cutters (a recent birthday present) to make the silver focal frame.
This one is also for sale here

Next month, in the UK, it's Father's day and as I have a holiday coming up just before I thought I would be organised and get a card made for my dear Dad. I had recently been bought (more birthday treats) some very pretty, but manly enough , blue ribbons by my son's GF and decided to use them here. I also used one of the fimo plaques which I bought  from a very talented artist at a craft fair. Below is my end result.

I used a  pirate teddy in his ship and I think the blues are very "sea " like. I had not thought of using ribbons before on a man's card but I rather like this.

The next cards I needed to make were anniversary cards. My colleague at work is celebrating her silver (25th) wedding anniversary in a few weeks time and will be taking a 3 week trip to the USA with her husband. I decided to make a larger card than my usual 5x5" square cards and to add some special touches, such as silver vellum paper. There are lots of added details on this card and I tried to keep to the theme of silver.

I also decided to take the opportunity to make my dear Hb's card for our Pearl (30th) wedding anniversary which we celebrate in July. You will notice I have used some more of the lovely silver vellum paper (us crafter's never waste a scrap of any papers!) I also used a silver card as the backing card which gives a great overall shimmer effect.
I used some lovely buttons (yes I just cut the shanks off the back) to spell out LOVE. I think the dark red against the silver of the card looked quite striking.

I also decided to make an anniversary card for my stock which I have for sale in my Etsy shop if you click here.
It is more of a general anniversary card but could still easily be suited to a silver or pearl anniversary.

Before I close this post I want to tell you just how excited I am about next Saturday, 21st of May. I have managed to secure a place on a "colouring" stamping day. It is being run by the firm who make gorgeous "Lili of the Valley" rubber stamps. Their master card makers will be teaching. We will be learning how to colour stamped images, using Promarker pens, more like the "pros" can do it. I have attempted a few coloured images, they are very tricky to do. Below is the card I made my Mum for Mother's Day this year where I have stamped and then hand coloured the image with Promarker pens.
Hopefully once I have been shown the secrets of the pros I may get some good results. I will take my camera and show you how I do.

 Finally there is one more card I have listed here in my shop, very apt for this time of the year and the upcoming tennis season....
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm strawberries! Have a great week everyone and I am glad Blogger seems to be over it's "glitch".

Bye for now,

Jane x


  1. Hi Jane! Your family is so lucky to be recipients of your wonderful card creations. Great job with the masculine themes- Yes, they can limited to the usual and ordinary, but your imagination isn't! Such fun, sweet feminine designs, and the anniversary cards are dazzling! I just know there's something grand in the works for an upcoming wedding...
    Glad the blogs are back in working order, too! See you next time!

  2. Dear Jane,

    What a beautiful selection of cards, Jane! You're so clever with colors and themes, I just am staring these - you have a real talent. The receivers will be loving their cards.

    And oh, your holiday is getting near...Exciting! We have had great weather all weekend, and I wish you sunny new week!


  3. Hi Michele. Thanks so much, I really love making cards; they can then be so personal. Yes there is something in the works for "the" wedding! Even though it is not until July 2012 I have started planning and have some ideas!
    See you soon,
    Jane x

  4. Hi Mia, thanks so much! The year is flying by and yes there is a holiday coming up soon!
    Have a great week with lots of sunshine!
    Jane x

  5. Well done on all your card making Jane! It's great to get them done in plenty of time so you can enjoy doing them. I'm sure everyone will be really pleased with them. The male birthday cards are very inspired - you thought of some good ideas there. And I do love the strawberry one! Have a great week ahead.
    Helen x

  6. Thanks Helen, it feels great to have them all made. More time now for the garden!
    Jane x

  7. Jane, your cards are spectacular!! I actually make my own cards, but I take photos of the recipient that I have in my files and put them on the front and print them up. I also make all my birthday, thank you, sympathy, etc cards that way. I need to take a lesson from you and add some 3D things too. Say - did you remove your blog list? I thought you used to have one. Hugs, Teresa

  8. Hi Teresa, good to hear that you are a fellow card maker! I like the idea of putting photos on. I have ocassionally done that and Milly and Tom's engagement card had a photo of her ring on! I have a list of blogs I follow, if that's what you mean? I'm pretty sure it's still there on my profile page? Have a great week,
    Jane x

  9. Lovely, lovely cards! You've been a busy girl :) I'm sure these are all greatly appreciated. I especially like the father's day and anniversary cards.

  10. Thanks Linda and I hope to get lots of new inspiration after my "Master class" on Saturday,
    Jane x


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