Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ancient Rhodes

The wonderful weather we are having at home has made it so much easier to settle into the darker autumn evenings. The light is fading so quickly was nearly dark by 7.30 last night.  As promised I wanted to share with you one last set of photos taken on our recent trip to Rhodes. For this post I thought I would show our visits to the Acropolis of Lindos and to Ancient Kamiros.

Lindos is very near to where we stay. It is a beautiful town full of steep cobbled streets and shops and restaurants. The acropolis is at the summit of the hill there as seen in the centre of the photo. The only way up is by foot or by donkey.

As we arrived quite early we decided to follow the donkeys up by foot. It is quite a steep climb and I do not think we could have walked it much after 10 in the morning as the sun gets far too hot.

The temple inside the acropolis is dedicated to none other than Athene the goddess of love. Parts have been rebuild to show how it would have looked in the 3rd century BC. How on earth did the ancient Greeks manage to build these impressive structures so high up without modern technology? Such incredible feats of engineering.

This is the view back down into the wonderful blue Aegean Sea, the sky and the sea just seem the bluest of blues.
After our lunch we retreated to a wonderful roof top cafe in Lindos and sat in the shade drinking coffee and sharing an ice cream......mmmmmmmmmm - it was even served in a deep blue glass dish.

Later in the week we also visited Ancient Kamiros

This ancient city was 1st established in the 6th century BC and it was the first city on Rhodes to cut its own coins. It fell into decline when people moved to nearby Rhodes Town in about 400 BC. The remains of Kamiros were first discovered by archaeologists in 1929.

  You are able to stand at the bottom of the "Road" which took the ancient Greeks through their town. There are still building and shop ruins remaining.

In Kamiros you could really feel the presence of all past people who had walked these streets thousands of  years ago. I wonder what on earth they would made of our modern day life?!

Again we were able to find a terrific spot for our picnic, a bench in the shade over looking the ruins. Not bad for a view is it!

As the heat of the day built up we were always glad to return to our resort,

 retreat to our beach and swim in that wonderful blue Aegean Sea

Keeping on a old fashioned theme, but on a more "retro" than an "ancient" note, during my recent giveaway it was suggested by my great blogging buddy Robin that I made some bag charms with a crafting theme. I thought that was such a great idea. As I am busy making up my jewellery stock for a few parties I decided to make one.  I thought you would like to see the very first one which has a sewing theme.......
I have called this one "Sewing Queen" and it features a  fun retro Singer sewing machine charm together with a pair of scissors
Here they are in close up. I have used  2 gorgeous one of a kind green themed lampwork beads here made by a talented UK artisan. What do you think?
I have put this one for sale in my Etsy shop here.
I have put postage rates for it to the EU and to the USA for any international buyers.
I am also working on a knitting one and I will "show  and tell" soon.
(Edit 30.9.11, Knitting Queen is now on sale here and as the bag charm shown left is now sold here is a new one)

We are not reaching the dizzying heights at home of the temperatures we had on Rhodes but it has been well into the mid 20os and we are really enjoying an "Indian Summer" this week. This morning the sky is already clear blue and the sun is up and shining.  This weekend it is  forecast here in the south of England to reach 30oc by Sunday, so there is a fab weekend to look forward to. We have been warned though that that will well and truly be the end of this sunshine and by the following weekend autumn will have arrived.

On Saturday my Dad is coming over to help my Hb install the power and lighting in my Studio. The bench is all installed and is fabulous. We have been looking a some shelving systems too. I absolutely adore my new outside work space, I promise to show some interior photos really soon. I have a very special trip planned on Saturday, my daughter and I are going to the Bridal Fair in London, so exciting!

I hope you all enjoy an exciting weekend. Sending you sunshine, wherever you are. Thanks as always for your visits and comments.

Back soon,

Bye for  now,

Jane x


  1. Hi Jane! The Greek blue is so blue - and beautiful!
    I love your new bag charm! Great idea to make for sewers, knitters etc.
    Have a lovely day and trip to London!
    xxx Teje

  2. Hi Jane,
    Oh my what gorgeous views, absolutely stunning, that beautiful blue sea! It's amazing what these ancient peoples managed with out technology.
    Love, love, love the bag charm!! Have sent an email regarding it and future charms!!! ;)
    Vivienne x

  3. Hi Jane,
    This post was amazing. Such history and the building, how did they do it? The Sea is gorgeous, so blue and the beach looked so inviting. I feel like I just had a trip back in history and finished off by the sea with a cuppa and treat and a hibiscus in my hair. Thanks for the trip.

    Love the sewing charms....can't wait to see the knitting charms and then I will decide on one of them. (or two) Definitely make great gifts for "C" and for me!! Have a great day, xoRobin❤

  4. Thanks Teje, you must be spoilt seeing the sea everyday out there in Crete...I so love the Greek Islands. I am very excited re Saturday,
    Jane x

  5. Hi Viv, don't you just love that sea! I'm delighted you like my charms I shall get to my emails in a few minutes and will be in touch! Speak soon, Janex

  6. Hi Robin, Rhodes is my favourite Greek Island, it has everything; sunshine, beaches, history, good food etal!Thanks for your kind words about my bag charms, I'm glad you like my charms, I am working on the knitting one...I will put up some photos really soon. Thanks for the "crafty" theme suggestion :-)
    Jane x

  7. Hi Jane great photos todya! I really loved Lindos, it was my favourite place with those pure white buildings contrasting with the blue sea and blue sky...amazing! Ancient Kamiros was a place we visited on one of our hottest days...very fascinating and as you say somehow you get a feel for the ancient people who lived there. Have a great week enjoying the unusual's very hot here too! Helen x

  8. Isn't this amazing weather a bonus Helen, I had to find shade in the garden as it was TOO hot to sit in the sun. Lindos is a great town on it!
    Jane x

  9. hon, i had to come to your blog..
    just saw your coment on lovt...
    i totally agree!!!
    it seams we skipped an entire season :-(
    iam quite bummed not to see any cute fall stamps.. even Magnolia seam just to have Christmas stuff coming our way.
    oh well.. lets wait and see maybe when the kit is released we will have a suprprise

  10. Too true's Christmas cards all the way at the moment!
    Jane x

  11. I can't get enough of that blue sky and blue ocean! The craft charms is a great idea. I know some people who are insane about knitting and quilting.

  12. I know Linda there is nothing quite like the Greek shy and sea...the best blues I know. The bag charms are really proving a hit...I have sold 4 in the last 2 days! I am really delighted.Enjoy the weekend,
    Jane x

  13. Hello dear Jane,

    What a beautiful post! And with my favorite blue all around, lovely! Thank you so much for sharing! And those bag charms...One knitting queen here made a purchase too :) I just couldn't leave that to anyone else... ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting in your new shed with Billy! And the most gorgeous time with Milly!


  14. Hi Mia, yes the sunshine's so lovely to have a last bit of summer. Thank you so much for buying my bag charm, I agree that one is just you ;0)
    Enjoy your weekend, I am doing all things Bridal!
    Jane c


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