Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lists (and jewellery party preparations)

Lists..................hmmmmmmmmmm.....do you like them?

I L*O*V*E lists, they bring a kind of order to my non (professional) working days. Life at work is pretty structured so on my days off I think I would be so distracted by my jewellery making, gardening, card making etc that I would forget to get those mundane but very necessary tasks done. I also find it so satisfying to tick things off THE LIST (no I'm not someone who crosses things off) it's much more fun to have a little box at the side to tick. And I NEVER compose a list that cannot be completed in the given time frame, that would be far too frustrating and less fun.

So this morning I have a LIST....the tasks are never numbered so they do not need to be done in order and I am scanning down reading it.................
.............change bed linen, dead head plants, phone hairdresser, pick up mushrooms for dinner tonight,jewellery party preparations...hmm now there is something that has really interested me so that is where I shall start today.


On Thursday my Mum is hosting a jewellery party for me. My jewellery making started as a hobby 8 years ago. As the years have gone by more and more people were asking me to make them things so nearly 3 years ago I started selling (in a very small way) under the name of Jane's gems and jewellery.
Today I need to check that everything is ready,order forms printed,enough stock etc and at the weekend I bought a couple of very pretty shells to use as props. I think good presentation really helps to sell. As it's Summer I have been selling lots of pearl/shell items so I think they will look good hanging on the shells.
I have shown some photos at the top of the blog.
So now I must finish sorting out my jewellery.

Also where did I put that LIST!!
Bye for now, Jx


  1. Some list you had for today, Jane :) I am definitely both list-maker and a ticker, I never cross off either. Lists really help me to get things done.

    Your jewelry is so beautiful!And so summery, will look pretty against tanned skin... I wish you all the best for that jewelry party!

    I am now off to do some crafts as it´s a bit cooler, have a happy evening with loads of ticks ;)


  2. The list has been ticked Mia, all done. It feels good to have completed everything.

    Thank you for your kind words about my jewellery, there are some very summery pieces in there. I am looking forward to Thursday.

    Time to start dinner and do the rolls for our work lunches tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening, enjoy your crafting. We're off to learn the fox trot!

    Love, Jane X


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