Thursday, 16 September 2010

Holiday memories...The Butterfly Valley, Rhodes

On  previous holidays to Rhodes we have noticed the signs to the Butterfly Valley at Petaloudes. We  have considered a visit but then thought that it was possible it just might be a place where you only got the odd glimpse of a butterfly. Also the butterflies are only in their adult state from June to September in the valley, so we thought we may be a little late in the very wrong we were!

This year curiosity got the better of us and we decided to pay a visit.  It was a beautiful drive through the middle of the island and we parked the car and set off to the entrance.

There was a small gift shop and ahead was beautiful woodland and the sound of running water...on Rhodes, which is a hot, baked country, this is most incongruous.

The walk thorough the valley was steep and worked its way up hill but around every corner were the most glorious views.

This waterfall shot water over the steep rocks to the pool below

We climbed up through the valley until the river levelled out.

We began to notice a few butterflies but as we walked further into the woodland it dawned on us that the strange patterns on the tree trunks were not lichens growing .........but butterflies....

................thousands and thousands of them, if you click on the photo above you can enlarge it and see this most extraordinary sight. Every tree along the river was completely covered by butterflies and the red colour in their wings emerged as they fluttered from tree to tree.

Along the river bed we also spotted freshwater crabs scuttling about.

We continued our walk through this beautiful valley, it gave such good respite to the hot mid day sun. We even ate our picnic on a wooden bench amongst the butterflies which regularly landed on us. At the final stretch we emerged back out to the road where we found a tiny old monastery                                            

From here we had a superb view back across the valley towards the sea. There was a small shop and we were able to buy an ice cream and we sat and ate it whilst we enjoyed the view.

After a rest we started the walk back down the valley to where we had left our car.

We passed back through the dappled,
shaded trees which dripped with the
butterflies,even the leaves were heavy
with them. (Click on photo on the left.)
We passed more waterfalls as we made our way back. We even watched a lizard peeping out of the rocks trying to catch a butterfly for dinner. Unbelievably he did not succeed whilst we were watching, the butterflies were too quick for him!

It was an incredible and very unique visit. This was mother nature at her very best. We took home some wonderful memories from our Rhodes holiday this year. As always though it is good to get home, especially when it means our Billy can come home!

 Thanks for sharing my holiday memories with me and I hope you have enjoyed these few postings.
The weather now at home is turning very autumnal, yes I will  mention the "a" word now. The trees are really changing into their autumn colours. When I walked home from work yesterday I noticed some swirling, fallen,crunchy leaves on the pavements and the horse chestnuts look ready to discharge their conkers very soon. I think Rhodes really was  my last blaze of summer. Here's to a new season even though officially it starts on 23rd September this year. Time to start closing the curtains earlier, plant up those bulbs and snuggle down in the evenings. I really do enjoy the changing of our seasons.

Bye for now,
Jane x


  1. Wow Jane, that was fascinating, so many butterflies, wonderful!! They are such beautiful creatures. :)
    I'm still not doing 'A' until next week though!!!
    Always lovely to see the handsome Billy. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Thanks Vivienne, it was quite a surreal place. Our Billy was SO pleased to get home to his garden. Mind you my Mum and Dad spoil him rotten (quite rightly in my very biased books!)
    Glad to hear you are nearly getting to "A", Mia's already on "C"-LOL!!
    Jane x

  3. I am, proudly, in C already (as we've had in A for weeks here already!), ladies!

    Thank you for sharing these pictures and stories again, Jane, I have never seen such a place before! And how beautiful scenery there is! We're having wind, rain and leaves falling off trees so those pictures were really appreciated, thank you!

    Happy evening!


  4. It was a super holiday Mia and writing a blog is even better than putting photos in an album which no one will ever see, so much better to share with you all!

    Can't wait for "c" and sharing it on blogland however we have the wonderful "a" just around the corner.

    Have a restful eveing and a wonderful weekend, see you next week.

    Love Jane x

  5. What an enchanting place to visit these butterflies! There really is a magical quality to such a cool hideaway in the trees! Again, thanks for sharing this and your lovely comments. Warmest wishes from So. California!

  6. It was the perfect escape from the heat of the sun Michele.At home now we are getting a distinct chill in the sun, autumn is in the air.
    Thanks for sending some warmth from California!
    Jane x


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