Friday, 14 January 2011

Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself

I make no excuse for this post, it is just pure self indulgence, I know! I also had no excuse for 3 recent purchases other than the fact that they were all bought during the sales. As any girl knows you can never have too many shoes or bags...can you?

The weather recently has been so drab and dull that I decided some treats were in order. I really do enjoy shopping on line..and my daughter had sent me a link to some shoes she was tempted to buy. Always a dangerous thing to do as when I opened up the link I was presented with some rather glorious shoes. Between emails we both chose a style we loved. We are both girls who chose to wear kitten heels when we dress up. I adore high heels but they are just not practical for walking any distance in! As a doctor my daughter walks miles every day; my excuse is that my feet are just a little older now. When I first met my Hb (in 1979..a lifetime ago I know and I was still at school) I used to wear 6" heels. It was not for a few weeks that he realised that I was actually  5' 4" tall not 5'10"" but that's another story! 

After some deliberation at the computer I pressed the buy button and waited.....

A few days later the door bell rang (luckily it was my non work day) and I was handed a parcel by Mr Postie.I was so surprised by the box I unwrapped that I had to get out my trusty camera and show you.

Just look at that for a shoe box!!

I then slid open the box to reveal this gorgeous tissue wrapping paper.

And hidden inside all this....

The most deliciously indulgent pair of kitten heel purple suede shoes with an incredible silky soft lining to die for !!

Even the soles are patterned!
I love my new shoes but I was even more delighted by the way they had been presented, it does make an enormous impression. They are also SO comfy to wear.

And to finish off this rather self indulgent post here are my other 2 purchases.............

We have a Cath Kidston shop in nearby Wimbledon and over the holiday my Hb and I went to Wimbledon Village for lunch. As we walked past the shop and saw the words "Sale" in the window our lunch got delayed a little...well I had to go in and take a look didn't I?
When we had our trip to York in November we visited the Cath Kidston shop there and I admired all the wares but decided it was far too near to Christmas to buy anything.  I had admired this little bag there so when I went into the Wimbledon branch and saw the reduced price tag it just said "buy me"....the rest is history!

My final purchase was actually "earned", I used my Christmas bonus from work to treat myself to a new "everyday" handbag.......

from my favourite handbag brand, Radley.

Naughty I know but as I said to my Hb..........
they were all  in the sale....!!!

Have a self indulgent weekend too, go on, you all deserve it ;0)

Bye for now,

Jane x
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  1. PHWWWWWWWWWOAR to those shoes :O) Gorgeous 'bargins', lucky you x

  2. Lucky girl indeed Laney!!
    Jane x

  3. *drool, drool, drool*

    Jane dear,

    I know you DESERVE all these beautiful things but you really shouldn't show them to me! I am a bag-lover myself but those shoes! Wow!!!! I know I couldn't use them here in months but I could just wear them indoors, right ;)

    Lovely, lovely items and packaged perfectly too! Did Milly get similar beauties?

    Happiest weekend and a big kiss to Billy!


  4. Gorgeous things, Jane! The shoes are beautiful and so was the packaging. I have to admit to a bit of a weakness myself for both CK and Radley bags! I love the ones you picked, and as they were in the sale that's absolutely fine! Have a great weekend! Helen x

  5. Hi Mia, I am glad I am amongst fellow bag and shoe just don't understand this weakness do they?! Yes Milly also bought a pair but her's are a black and white pair with a different front but again very striking and with the same wonderful packaging.
    Happy weekend my dear!Billy sends a very pink nosed kiss!
    See you next week,
    Jane x

  6. Helen I admit I do have a few Radley bags...but we need a different bag for a different season/occasion don't we? ;0)
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Jane x

  7. Oh Jane I am so familiar with Irregular Choice not personally but my daughter has an expensive weakness for them. She has quite a few of those boxes piled high in her room. Some of the shoes are works of art, I often tell her they should be looked at and not worn!
    On the other hand I have a weakness for CK and I have bag envy looking at that gorgeous duck egg blue bag of yours, you lucky girl!!
    Good for you, treating yourself, your worth it! :)
    Have a brilliant weekend.
    Vivienne x

  8. LOL Vivienne, I agree they are a works of art...your daughter has a great choice in shoes!I just wish there were more styles with a lower heel, some are dangerously high! I was just thrilled to find kitten heels.
    CK yes is brilliant, I love her shops - I could spend hours there
    Have a great week end..perhaps a treat for you??!!
    See you next week.
    Jane x

  9. Oh Jane...
    I would be so excited to discover those treasures, too! And wonderful things come in gorgeous packages (all in the details)...It's like Christmas all over again, for sure!
    What fun! :o)

  10. A 2nd Christmas, wow Michele, now don't get me going..... I have only just got over the excitement of this one-LOL!
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  11. Dear Jane, your new shoes are adorable, sweet, qute, beautiful and defenetely deserve a special post! Only their box is a present on its own! I love also that colourful bag, it's so beautiful!
    You are lucky girl to have found those beauties!
    Thank you so so much for your 'one and only' unique song for me today and your sweet words!
    Love Teje

  12. Gorgeous! I love all of it, and glad you treated yourself to all this happiness. Congrats!

  13. I hope you had a lovely birthday today Teje,it's amusing that we were born in the same year!
    Enjoy your celebrations,
    Jane x

  14. Thanks Linda. That's my treats for a while now! Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  15. Hi Jane. As I am always saying (inside my head mostly or M would point out I'm wrong) a girl can NEVER have too many shoes or bags and yours are lovely. Those shoes....the colour.....the lining...the soles!!! Love them. Bethx

  16. Hi Beth, glad to hear you are a fellow shoes and bag not so guilty pleasure now ;0)
    Have a great week, the sun is finally shining here today.
    Jane x


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