Thursday, 6 January 2011

A new year and my 1st giveaway

Hello again and a really warm welcome back to Jane's Journal. I hope you  had a wonderful Christmas? Ours was so special as we celebrated Milly and Tom's engagement too. We all raised a glass of champagne to them at the dinner table. It was so good to have our family with us. I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope this will be the start of a good year for everyone.

I started writing my blog last July and I have enjoyed meeting so many lovely people. Please never feel too shy to leave a comment, I really enjoy hearing from everyone. Reading your comments makes writing my blog so worth while, thank you all so much.

To kick off 2011 and to thank everyone for visiting me here I have also decided to hold my very first giveaway. This post will be a stand alone post and I will not leave my usual replies to all your lovely comments so that when I pick the winners from the hat I will not interfere with the results. I will close the comments to this post  on Monday 24th January at 4pm. So you will have plenty of time to enter. I will post to the winners world wide so please do not worry where you live.

So what are the prizes then? Well as many of you  know I am a physiotherapist working hard for the NHS but my paid hobby is my jewellery making. I mostly sell my jewellery at parties which I hold in the South East of England or at my home. I do have an Etsy shop which up until now I have mainly used as a "shop front". This year I have decided to reopen it with not only more of my jewellery but also some of my hand made cards. I have shown some of my cards in previous posts and spurred on by your positive comments I have decided to list some in my shop. I have 2 prizes on offer. The first prize will be one of my handmade necklaces and cards and the 2nd prize will be 2 of my handmade cards.The necklace will be presented in a little organza gift bag. You can either keep your necklace or you could send it to a friend with the card......a ready made birthday gift!

To enter my giveaway I would like you to give me a little help with some feedback on my jewellery and cards - I am going to show you 4 photos of my handmade necklaces and birthday cards. They are labelled  under each photo A-D.
I would like you to put the necklaces and cards into your order of preference with your favourite first and write them  in the comments box.

For example you may write;
Necklaces: 1.D 2.C 3.A 4.B (meaning your favourite necklace was D)
Cards; 1.D 2.A 3.C 4.B (meaning your favourite card was D)

If you would also like to give me some ideas of colours/styles etc of jewellery and cards that you like to buy , not even necessarily mine, I would really appreciate you taking the time as it gives me a better idea of what sort of things to sell. If you want any further ideas you will also find photos of some of my jewellery in my Flickr album, the tab is on the right hand side of my posts.
I have also put a few new things in my Etsy shop if you want to take a peep.

So here are the 4 necklaces:-

Necklace A

Necklace A has tiger eye semi precious beads. It is 19" long and has a feature central part with unusual tiger eye daggers.
All my jewellery is finished with a sterling silver clasp.

Necklace B

This necklace to the right (B) is made with rose quartz round beads and chips. It also features 4 red carnelian round beads and in the centre is a one of a kind handmade lampwork floral bead. You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them. This is a shorter 17" necklace.

Necklace C


Necklace C (left) has purple tones  made with one of a kind lampwork glass beads and Czech fire polished and Picasso beads. It measures 19" long.

Necklace D

The last necklace (D) is a slightly longer 20" necklace. It has a central black lampwork focal bead in a fancy bead cap together with an assortment of black onyx, glass and haematite beads.

On to the 4 cards; Some have birthday words on the front but all are blank inside. I sign the back of all my cards with my initials in either gold or silver pen at the bottom edge.
Card A

The first card (A) features a smiley girl with a cupcake topper. The backing paper features birthday cakes and birthday wishes. All the cards I sell measure 5X5". It has a creamy/orange backing card with a matching envelope.

Card B

Card B (right)  features butterfly die cuts on purple floral backing paper. The background card is pink and it has a matching pink envelope.This says  happy birthday on the front.

Card C

Card C features a high heeled shoe topper.The backing paper has girlie bags and cocktails detail . The background card is yellow and this has a matching yellow envelope.

Card D

Card D has a die cut silhouette lady with a deep pink hat and handbag on black and white retro backing paper. The base card is a white card with a matching white envelope.The words happy birthday are on the front.

The first name pulled out of the hat after the closing date will win their 1st preference necklace and card.

For example if they put;

Necklace :    1.C 2.A 3.B 4. D
Card:            1.B 2.A 3.D 4.C

they will win necklace C and card B as shown above.     I do hope this all makes sense!
The 2nd name out of the hat will win their 1st 2 choices of card. If the 1st prize winner has already chosen one of their 2 choices I will try to remake that card but please remember that no 2 cards are ever identical as they are handmade by me and I can never replicate one exactly! That is of course what makes them so unique.

So please have a look at the above and list your 2 orders of preferences in the comments box at the bottom of this post. I would really value any other suggestions you would like to leave with your choices on my comments.

Feel free to (don't feel obliged to) share to this with your friends, everyone is welcome to enter. There are no restrictions at all but please only comment once. I will announce the winner on my blog soon after the closing date so remember to check back to see if you have won.

Looking forward to sharing a new blogging year with you all.
Good luck,

Bye for now,

Jane x

(P.S I will continue with my normal posts whilst this giveaway is on).


  1. Good morning Jane and Happy New Year!
    What a very generous giveaway!
    Goodness you haven't made this very easy though, have you! They're all lovely!
    Right if I must put them in order, here goes but remember I do like them all.
    All the best with your Etsy shop but I have no doubt your cards and jewellery will do very well.
    Thanks again for the chance to win and thanks also for 'dropping' in yesterday, always good to hear from you. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. ooooooo, I recognize the bead in the second necklace!! can I just vote on the cards Jane? my favourites are....

    1...ABCD (I can't choose...eek...)


    1.A 2.B 3.D 4.C

    Happy New Year to you too, and I think you will do well with your cards on Etsy :O) they are gorgeous x

  3. Hi Jane a sweet good morning to you, what a lovely thing to do. So many delightfully gorgeous choices.

    1B 2A 3C 4D
    2A 2C 3D 4B
    I just love your card making birthday cards. We need to send more than text Happy Birthday. I also think you jewelry is stunning!
    Thanks for the giveaway, blessings to you always, Hugs,Dani

  4. What a wonderful way of celebrating tne beginning of the new year!

    Necklaces: 1.D 2.C 3.B 4.A
    Cards: 1.A 2.B 3.C 4.D

    In fact, all your cards are lovely, so many great ideas! Good luck with the Etsy shop, now that you reminded me of it with this post, I've got to fill mine too! :)

  5. Hi there Jane,
    I am very excited to enter your drawing!
    My favorite Necklace:
    1.C 2.B 3.C 4.A

    My favorite Card:
    1.A. 2.C. 3.D 4.B

    How fun this is Jane!

  6. Hello dear friend!

    This is a fantastic way to start year, thank you so much! All your jewelry and the cards are wonderful, but I'll try to get them in order... we go:

    Necklaces:1B 2C 3D 4A
    Cards: 1B 2A 3D 4C

    It's so great to be back to blogging, Jane,and I hope we'll see each other often this here and my blog!

    Kisses to Billy!


  7. What a generous giveaway, Jane! It is quite hard to choose, though! I have made my lists - (though they are all lovely)
    Necklaces: 1C 2D 3B 4A
    Cards: 1D 2C 3B 4A
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Have a lovely weekend - and keep warm and dry!
    Helen x

  8. They're all so lovely! I agree with everyone else, it's hard to choose, but here's my picks...

    Necklaces: 1A, 2D, 3C, 4B
    Cards: 1B, 2D, 3A, 4C

    Such a generous giveaway! Maybe I'll get inspired and think of something to give too?

  9. What fun! And very interesting to see how different everyone's choices are...must be because all of your creations are beautiful. Here are my picks:
    Necklaces: D, C, A, B
    Cards: A, C, D, B

  10. Hello, as the others have said, they're all very nice but here are my choices for the necklaces... 1st to last A,C,B,D
    Cards... b,d,a,c
    Happy New Year!

  11. Hello Jane! I have been here already few times but couldn't decide...all your jewelries are so beautiful! Finally I decided my favorites:
    Necklaces: 1.D, 2.A, 3.C, 4.B
    Cards: 1.A, 2.B, 3.D, 4.C
    Thank you so much for this unique and generous giveaway!
    I wish you'll be busy with your shop! It's always so nice to 'see' you!
    xxx Teje

  12. So hard to decide!!
    Necklace A C D B
    Card C D A B

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  13. Just checking back in on your blog and enjoyed your new posts in the new year. Great to see pictures of flowers--Spring seems so far away! We had 20" of snow last Wed. and are expecting more tomorrow.
    Boy it's hard to pick my favorites in your generous give-away--they are all great!
    Here goes:
    necklaces 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.D
    cards 1.D 2.C 3.A 4.B
    I'm planning on starting my own Etsy shop soon--looking at everyone else's for ideas.
    Happy New Year!
    Jane T.

  14. Jane, love your work.. love your locket!!

    Necklace : 1.C 2.B 3.A 4. D
    Card: 1.C 2.A 3.D 4.B

    Teresa in Oregon USA

  15. I am adding this on behalf of Anne of Plumcreek 22 who contacted me via Etsy as she is having great trouble trying to leave her comments. This is part of her message;

    "Not sure if you would include this entry in your giveaway but I wanted you to know my picks: Necklaces 1C.2B.3A.4D. for the Cards 1B.2D.3C.4A.
    I love handmade cards ---anything with a nature theme."

    If anyone else is having problems leaving a comment and would like to enter please send me a message via my Etsy shop by tomorrow and I am happy to enter you!
    Good luck everyone this will be closing at 4pm tomorrow! Jx

  16. Ok guys this is now shut...good luck I will make the draw this evening!! Jx


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