Thursday, 7 October 2010

An autumn gardening trip

Last week on my day off I went to see my parents who live in Kent. As it was a lovely bright autumn day we decided to visit and have lunch at our favourite garden centre in Knockholt near Sevenoaks. Their displays are always spectacular so I remembered my trusty camera.

 As well as home reared plants they sell some stunning pots. As I have a very small garden I tend to use lots of pots. These earthenware pots on the left are gorgeous, I have one on my Christmas list. They are also frost proof which is an added bonus.
They have embossed patterns and designs including bees, flowers and herbs.

The spring bulbs had arrived and there was a very spectacular display of these. My favourite spring bulbs are daffodils but I also love the very showy parrot tulips.

I am always amazed just how many varieties of bulbs are available. No longer do we have to pay the prices for tulip bulbs that people did in the 1600s!

There were many gift sets also which made such an attractive display.

We also admired all the autumn bedding plants. I love cyclamen and I have a special fondness for pansies and violas, they have such cheerful little faces.

There were many  trays of alpines and my dad was tempted enough to add an edelweiss and a sedum to add to his collection.

 There were also some beautiful displays of autumn planting.

All this walking soon made us realise it was time for some home made soup and home made bread pudding so we made our way to the on site restaurant....yum! My dad as always had raced well ahead...
After a leisurely lunch we then spent a little longer wandering around the garden centre getting some inspiration for our own gardens. I just wish I could buy everything....

Then it was time to go back to Mum and Dad's and as it was such a sunny afternoon we were able to sit out in their beautiful garden and have an afternoon cup of tea....bliss
It was a special autumn day which I hope you enjoyed sharing.

 The weather this week has been the total opposite but I must admit the rain is always so necessary to keep the gardens looking  their best. |The forecast though for this weekend is actually looking more sunny so I hope to be able to get outside into my little garden and plant up some bulbs and autumn bedding. If I'm really lucky I may even be able to give my tiny lawn probably its final cut of the year.

Sending sunshine your way too,

Bye for now,

Jane x


  1. What a happy post Jane!
    I love garden centres too, we have just got a new one about 15 minutes away in the car, so I'm pleased about that! Like you I want everything I see!!!
    Your Mum and Dad's garden is stunning!
    Weather here is beautiful today again, we have been very lucky, so I'm off into the garden this afternoon for a tidy up.
    Enjoy the rest of your day. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Hello! It's always a joy to take a trip to the garden center! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos from your day trip! We've also had some rain here this week - so that means more time in the garden, as you can imagine. We have a Mediterranean climate here, lots of "dry" plants do well here, so the landscape naturally tends toward a muted sage green. I'm just a little envious of your beautiful emerald greens and bright colorful flowering bulbs! In a good way, of course! :o) x

  3. Hi Vivienne, there is so much temptation in the garden centres isn't there...I rarely escape empty handed!

    My Mum and Dad's garden is very special but I really could never manage it due to the size. I just about have time to manage my little postage stamp size one!

    Take care,
    Jane X

  4. Hi Michele,

    I should think out in the states you have some pretty large size garden centres? I would probably be lost for days there!

    Our English climate is a very temperate one although the last winter was very extreme.

    I have a very sunny west facing garden and it really gives me such joy. Growing and nuturing plants is just so satisfying isn't it? We are still enjoying home grown runner beans with our meals.

    Enjoy nurturing your garden too,

    Jane x

  5. What a lovely day you had, the weather seems perfect and all that green... We've lost that all already I'm afraid. I love your parent's garden too but it would be too much (I mean TOO MUCH) for me to handle too. But it's gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful weekend (it's, almost here again!), Jane!


  6. I agree totally Mia,yes I love to sit and admire my parents' garden but not to look after on earth would I have time for my crafts!?!

    Only one more day of work for me and then it's the weekend already,how quickly the weeks are flying by! Enjoy your weekend too.

    Jane x

  7. Fabby post and photos, I too have organized a trip to the local garden centre this weekend and am planning to spend the last of our forcasted sunshine in the garden weeding the veggie patch and dead heading the last of the late flowering roses. I was hoping to get something to plant in the veggie plot, something winter warming for stews, just have to see what Wyevale has. Lovely photos, I too love violas, they make gorgeous bead colours :O) Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to sit and enjoy the last of the sunshine x

  8. Thanks Laney, the weather is looking quite promising for the weekend so fingers crossed for us all that we can get out in our gardens to start "bedding" them down for winter and also planting the bulbs,plants and seeds ready for the next season.

    Enjoy your garden this weekend and yes definately we all need to also sit for a while and enjoy the last of the warmth for 2010.


  9. Hi Jane, yes, we enjoy our gardens. I went out to buy bark to repot my orchids, got distracted by all the flowers at the nursery, and spent so much time browsing, that I think my husband began to worry! ;o)
    I'd like to invite you back to my blog for a little visit later. I have an award to share with you, as soon as I get it posted..See you soon!

  10. OOOh Michele, thank you so much for sharing that with me! So lovely to see all those lovely blogs! Have a great weekend
    Thanks again, Jane x


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