Thursday, 14 October 2010

New jewellery party preparations

My dear friend Karen is hosting one of my jewellery parties in 2 weeks time. She hosted one last year which was very successful and I know I need to get lots of lovely new stock made. I thought I would share some photos with you showing some of my newest designs.
As it will be almost a pre Christmas party I have tried to make some new party sparkly type pieces.

This is a new necklace I have made to add to my stock.

I have used some large spider agate discs and added rock quartz nuggets. It is much more sparkly in the flesh and the quartz looks like chunks of ice.

It is quite a heavy necklace so I finished it with a sturdy twisted wire sterling silver toggle clasp which will happily take the weight.

A real statement piece.

On the same "ice" theme I made another necklace, this time using all rock quartz

I have used some chunky "shards" of rock quartz here which hang down like icey daggers and then finished the necklace with quartz nuggets. I have a version of this necklace myself and it actually looks good in winter or summer. I wore it on my recent holiday to Rhodes and even in 35oc it looked very good with a summer outfit.

I have again used some rock quartz in the piece below, in the centre hangs an agate leaf focal.

I have also recently found a supplier of the best quality Czech fire polished beads and have made a few pieces using these. I have lots of lovely colours, blues, reds, pinks, purples...and want  more when I can afford to buy them.

This is a gorgeous deep cobalt blue with clear aurora borealis together with cobalt cats eye beads and a wedding cake lampwork focal bead in the centre.

This is a second variation without the cats eye beads.

And a bracelet in the same cobalt colour

And this is a necklace using the stunning ruby red Czech fire polished beads... 

I have also made a few new bracelets, these below both have toggle clasps.
And a couple of black and silver colourways.

And also I made another purple and black necklace as this seems to be very much the colour of the season. I also made a few of these recently and they seem popular, one is still for sale in my Etsy shop

I also found some wonderful display items from the very talented Nicola who makes the most amazing felt cakes. I have bought 2 with a Christmas theme and will use these to drape some of my jewellery over at my party.

How clever are they and yes, they really are made of felt! I hope they will be a good talking point as well as being excellent display props.

 I also had a check through my existing pieces and as always you can guess who wanted to be involved.......

Yes....Billy! Mind you this time he decided to rest his weary head on some of my pearl stock. He is actually such a good cat around my beading. I can leave everything out, wire,beads etc etc and he never touches a thing. One of our old cats, Meg was a real beast and would always try to eat threads etc so I had to be so careful. I think that even from a  few weeks old Billy would sit on my lap as I make my jewellery : he regards it as part of me. He's now too big to do that as he no longer fits under the table when he sits on my lap. Instead he watches from  (or sleeps on ) the chair. What a good cat!

Bye for now,

Jane x


  1. Hi Jane!

    The jewellery looks great, I love the "ice" theme, and what a fab idea of having parties to sell your stuff- I might try that one day! Have you ever tried any markets Im just prepping for summer in Australia, St Kilda! x

  2. fabulous Jane, thankyou so much for my cake mention too xx

  3. What stunning jewellery Jane!! As a 'bracelet person' I think yours are gorgeous!
    What a cute Billy, such a lovely boy. :)
    That little mince pie looks good enough to eat!
    Vivienne x

  4. Hi Jane!

    The most gorgeous pieces! I LOVE the ruby red necklace, would be just perfect for any Christmas outfit...hmmm... ;)

    I also love your ever-so-perky assistant, he seems to be quite happy with your creations ;) !

    Have a wonderful and hopefully sunny weekend soon (yes, an another week gone again!), ours will be wet and snowy...


  5. Hi Lucy great to see you here and for your kind comments.The reason I mostly sell at parties (bits on Etsy too) is that I do actually have a job (busy physio working for the NHS) and my jewellery making is a rather successful hobby which I have to curtail a little or I actually can't find the time to make it! What a very lucky position I find myself in I know. If I did markets too I would need to give up the day job which I do love! If I even give up work I shall cetainly expand...! Hope you do really well at your markets the other side of the world.
    Jane X

  6. Hi Nicola you are most welcome, you felted creations are fob!
    Jane x

  7. Hi Vivenne, thanks I really like wearing jewellery and bracelets feature high on my list too.Nicola's felted cake are delicious aren't they?
    My dear Billy is just such a very good boy - we love him sharing our home.
    Enjoy your evening,
    Jane x

  8. Hi Mia,
    Well you know where I am if you want to add a red necklace to your bracelet ;0)!
    I sometimes joke with my DH that I should make Billy a sparking collar but I'm not sure Billy would speak to me if I did!
    It's turned much chillier here today but still dry. Have a relaxing weekend, think of me if it snows!!
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane,
    What a lovely array of jewelry! I agree with your fav - the rock quarts necklace is striking! And who could resist a little felt dessert and a furry friend to supervise? Best of luck with your sales! :o)

  10. Thanks Michele, I really think my felt display cakes will be a great talking point too.The party is in 8days time, I'm really looking forward to it. It's too bad that I can't train Billy to be an assistant at my parties....!
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  11. Lovely work! I like jewelry that people would actually wear, and all of these are beautiful and wearable. Good luck with sales!!

    Nice assistant too :) I finally have an dog who doesn't walk through paint. Makes life so much easier!

  12. Hi Linda, thanks for your kind comments about my jewellery. I really get a buzz from people enjoying wearing a piece of jewellery I have made for them. Billy says hi too but he's not too sure about dogs- even one who doesn't walk through paint!
    Jane x


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