Thursday, 3 March 2011

Testing, testing, testing

Well I have been having a play with my new camera.  Despite the rather gloomy,chilly weather we have been experiencing it's good to see the days are getting so much lighter now we are in March.
Today though the clouds finally lifted and it has been glorious. I was able to take my first sunshine shots outside in my parent's garden. I went over to visit them and also saw some wonderful crocuses on my journey.

Above is their garden looking a little bare but with signs of spring everywhere. There were so many catkins on their contorted hazel and little alpines out in their rock garden.....
It was also wonderful to hear the birds singing really loudly again.

I thought I would also share a few very random shots just to show you the "intelligent auto" mode on my camera. Although my camera has multiple settings and some great modes, this "point and shoot mode" is really good. It calculates (even taking itself into macro mode) everything in a split second and click...

.....a rather clear shot is taken. I have literally stood one of my treasured crested pigs on the side indoors and this is the result...I am quite impressed. This was not even set on indoor mode... the camera did the work. The only thing I did was turn off the forced flash as I quite like a little shadow, it gives some life to this photo.

I also grabbed a tangerine from the fruit bowl and again just put it on the side, this time in the kitchen. This is the result on a really gloomy day too......I love the dimples on this...

Here are a few shots of my favourite subject darling Billy...

It even shows the current war wound on the left hand side of his nose...bless!

 I also opened the back door and just took a couple of shots of the pots in my garden which are looking very spring like now...
And of course I thought I would finish with a close up shot of my favourite flower....

My beautiful Daffodowndilly!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the results of my first play with my camera....there will be plenty more photos to's also so good to see more signs of spring appearing everyday.

I hope spring is beginning to unfurl in your neighbourhood soon,

Bye for now,

Jane x

PS if anyone is interested my dear Hb bought me a Panasonic Lumix TZ8 which has a Leica lens. There is a newer version with GPS (I'm really not sure this is needed and it eats the battery life) and all sorts of rather odd extras but on doing the research the TZ8 seemed a good choice for the price. I am delighted with it and so pleased he has let me have my birthday present early...thank you M, you are so good to me xx


  1. Lovely, lovely pictures, Jane! A good camera helps when it's dark or gloomy and also in my case with wools which are hard to capture (the colors and texture)right. You can also get so beautiful pictures of you precious jewelry! And the dear, dear Billy...Kisses to that brave boy!

    Thank you for sharing all these cheerful spring-images!

    Have a wonderful weekend soon, dear friend!


  2. I think the way it copes with inside photos/gloomy light is it's greatest assess Mia. I have not yet photographed any jewellery, that will indeed come.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow dear friend and me and my war wounded Billy send you our love and special wishes!
    Jane x

  3. Poor Billy, he was probably defending his territory, a man's got to do what a man's got to do!!
    Lovely photos with your new camera, you've got it at a great time of year when there's going to be so much to capture. :)
    I think I've said this before but your parents do have a lovely garden!
    Enjoy your weekend and your camera!
    Vivienne x

  4. My poor Billy does get set on every so often, he tends to make a lot of noise and run but does get caught sometimes!I'm really going to enjoy the coming months with my new camera Vivienne, I'm glad you enjoyed my first few :0)
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  5. Hi Jane, wow, I'm impressed with your camera! Wonderful photos, you're going to have a ball with it!

    Did your pots outside come back like that or did you plant them this spring?

    Thanks for sharing.. hugs from Oregon.. T

  6. Hi Jane! What gorgeous springtime pics you're taking with your new toy! Glad to see that Billy is getting some blog time, too! I can't wait to see what else blooms in the weeks ahead! :o)

  7. Hi Teresa, the pots are the same pots that I planted in autumn, were covered in deep snow in December and are in nearly full flower now...great isn't it how they survive!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Jane x

  8. Hi Michele, I am indeed having a ball with my new toy...more photos to come soon!
    Hope you are enjoying spring over in the States too..
    Jane x

  9. Lovely pictures, Jane! I can see you've soon got the hang of your lovely new camera! The garden pictures are wonderful and so are the lovely pots of spring flowers, but my favourite is the close up of Billy's pink nose! Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  10. LOL Helen, do you know that is how I chose Billy from his litter of brothers and sisters..I just fell in love with that wonderful pink nose...all our other cats (long gone to kitty heaven) have had brown noses and I just had to have Billy!
    Have a great weekend, Jane x

  11. Hi Jane! You got a wonderful present! All the photos are so wonderful and even inside with the smallest details
    Have a lovely spring weekend!
    xxx Teje

  12. Thanks Teje, enjoy your weekend too,
    Jane x

  13. I love seeing flowers, and for some reason really liking the tangerine too. I'm glad you're happy with the new camera. I'll look forward to seeing what you aim it at in the future!

  14. Thanks Linda, I am having a ball with it!
    Enjoy the last bit of the weekend.
    Jane x


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