Saturday, 14 August 2010

In the pink

In a previous post  It started with a dress...... I mentioned that my dearest friend Karen is having a special birthday party soon  and has asked guests to wear something pink if possible. As I am not a particularly "pink" girl I decided to make some pink earrings.

I started by looking in my bead stash for some pink beads.
I found some lovely pink swirl handmade lamp work beads left over from a previous commission, some pink Swarovski pearls and some pink Czech faceted glass beads.
I also thought using some silver bead caps would add a touch of sparkle.

I had a play for a while and came up with a couple of design options

I decided to go with the left hand design as I thought the extra bead caps I used on the right made the earrings too "bling" for me!

I got out the trusty pliers and made them up adding some lovely rose sterling silver ear wires which I have been saving for such an occasion.

I took some photos indoors last night  but decided to wait until this morning and try outside as the light was poor.

This morning I woke up to grey clouds but I still thought I would get some better light in the garden so I took my new earrings (plus another set I made to put in my stock) outside. I set everything up for the shot ...

And guess who arrived to inspect them.........

Is this the sniff of approval?                     Have a great weekend everyone.

Bye for now,

Jx (and Billy)


  1. They are beautiful Jane! I too am not a 'pink person' but these are so subtle and pretty. Both pairs are lovely.
    As for Billy, cats just have to get in on the action, don't they! :)
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Vivienne x

  2. Thanks Vivienne for your lovely comment, I am all set now for the party, which is being held during the bank holiday weekend.
    Billy is just the most curious of cats - or perhaps he likes having his photo taken?!
    Have a great (if cooler) weekend.
    Jane x

  3. I am liking the silver...are they rose beads?...they really make those ear rings special. Very pretty. Umm, Billy Cat...he is gorgeous ;o) x Lx

  4. yes Laney they are special earring wires made with silver roses attached to them, I bought them a long time ago and was waiting for the right pair of earrings for them. They really do finish them off well don't they.

    And of course Billy is our yummy boy....don't we just love our pets eh!

  5. I am a pink girl (big time!) and these are just so lovely! And I am sure Billy's sniff was the most approving, and he must love your jewelry-making, so many things to inspect (at least our late cats loved to participate in everything!) - and approve :)

    Happy week beginning (yes, it´s almost Monday already), Jane!


  6. Good morning Mia and happy Monday to you too. It's a much, much cooler day here, almost autumnal. Hope this finds you 'in the pink' in Finland?
    Billy sends a purr!
    Love Jane x

  7. Good morning again, Jane!

    I just had to link to your ladybird-post when I wrote about the bugs at my blog this morning I hope that is alright?

    Have a sunny and happy day, it definitely is cooler around here today (but beautiful still!)


    P.S. Kisses to Billy again, his purr was highly appreciated :)

  8. Mia that's great, to be linked to your lovely purses is a pleasure! I shall read your post now. I certainly have so many ladybirds in my garden this year, they are still here keeping the blackfly under firm control!
    Love Jane x

  9. Hi Jane - great to meet you and be introduced to the world of blogging i have sent your details onto my sister in law Suzie Sweet who also makes jewellery I think their is a sysnergy there in your approach. May start a blog site of my own - watch this space.

  10. Hi James,
    I'm so pleased that you found me here! We really enjoyed the party and catching up. Get your sister in law to visit me here...I love new visitors. Welcome to the world of blogging...!


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