Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Plush purple

I have been commissioned to make a necklace for a girl's; or should I say at that age, young lady's, 18th birthday. The brief was a purple based shortish necklace....which is quite a broad brief!

The place to start was my bead stash.

I sorted out all my purple beads and also found some black glass beads and purple Czech faceted glass beads which harmonised well.

I chose some pretty one of a kind  hand made glass lamp work beads which had purple and black in them and put together some design ideas on my trusty beading tray.

I decided on several patterns which I temporarily strung to see how they hung.

I choose the pattern on the far left and made up the necklace ,which I was happy with, but then I found another set of purple lamp work beads I liked as well. So I  decided to make up a second design.

So now I can show my customer 2 plush purple necklaces. I wonder which she will choose?            

My original? 
(You can click the photos to enlarge them)

         Or my second idea?      Do you have any thoughts as to which would be more suitable for an 18year old?
Whichever is chosen I shall put the other one in my Etsy shop (which I have re opened today) as purple appears to be "the" colour for Autumn!

Bye for now,


  1. It's hard to know which one an 18 year old would want, it's a very long time since I was 18. My daughter is 22 though and I have a feeling she would go for the 2nd one.
    I had to laugh when refering to her you changed it from girl to young lady, I'd be delighted to be called a girl!!!lol
    Vivienne x

  2. Addressing females from the age of 18 to 80 is tricky isn't it Vivienne!

    Good to hear your opinion re the necklace choice. My daughter is 24-it will be interesting to ask her opinion when she gets back from sailing around the Canaries - what a good week she chose to go away as it's been pretty dreary here for the last few days.

    Enjoy your evening, Jane x

  3. Beautiful necklaces and fritty beads, have to say I would choose the second one too, but then I am no longer 18...nearer to 25..ish..I wish!! Glad to hear you have re-opened your Etsy shop, I am re-stocking/re-launching my Artfire shop, the listings are free and the commission is payable on sales, might be worth you having one of those too!! Thanks for the comments on the green man, I was doodling last night so will have another go today, but will send you a photo when I open up the kiln! Have a good day. Lx

  4. Hi Laney, interestingly enough I showed them to my son's girlfriend last night (she's 21) and she actually chose the 1st darker one.This straw poll is fun!
    I will give Etsy a go again although most of my work/"hobby" is parties and commisions and obviously it's not my day job.Let me see the green man...sounds really fun. Jx

  5. Hi Jane!

    Both of your necklaces are beautiful but I love your original design more (just my opinion, and I SO am not in the age group any longer... *sigh*). I was also so happy to see a bit of your stash, I assume it is quite...well large-ish? ;)

    I am now off to see your etsy-shop, I am so happy you're re-opening! Shops new front-page is great with more and bigger pictures - you´ll love it :)


  6. Hi Mia you were quite right about the bead stash, it's pretty big and I can never resist buying even more pretty beads. I am probaby like you where you buy more wool and fabric when you can't resist it rather than the fact you really need it!
    Do have a look in my Etsy shop, I have just listed a new necklace there today.
    Have a great evening, love Jane x

  7. Hiya honey! What a great post :) I prefer the darker shades of the first one but the overall design of the second one.. LOL :D xox

  8. Hi Keiara, great to hear from you here, so it's a foot firmly in both camps re your choice of the 2 necklaces - LOL!

    Have a sunny evening, the sun has been out most of the day again here in the South East, long may it last, Jx

  9. Just to finish off this posting.. for those of you who are interested my buyer has chosen the 1st darker shorter necklace, the other one has been put up for sale in my Etsy shop.
    Thanks to everyone who commented, it's always so interesting to hear peoples' preferences.

    Have a great week end Jx


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