Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Early morning sunshine

It's 8am as I write this and it's my day off...yes...I have that list written and I have lots of things to do but I just opened my back door and was greeted by sunshine and blue skies and just had to stand for a moment and take a relaxing breath in....early morning sunshine....wonderful.

The sun has not even come up over the front of the house so there are long shadows cast...everywhere is still very quiet, despite it being the summer holidays.

Here is Billy enjoying the sun, I had to just swop some biscuits for the mouse he caught-he seemed to think it a fair swop. I have put the mouse in a flower pot in the garage to see if it can recover. It's only a little field mouse - I think it deserves a second chance!

So wherever you are reading this, even if the sun is not shining on you, I am sending you some rays...have a great day.

Bye for now,


  1. this blogging thing is a little additive!! I mean't to say I am on Flickr as Izzybeads...what else!! find me or give me your 'handle'....you can tell I was child of the 80's!! Lovely sunshine, we are warm but overcast, so grateful of your rays...am loving that bower seat, looks like a scene from an Old English Garden...beautiful, enjoy your day off! x

  2. Hi Laney, yes blogging is such fun..the world instantly becomes a really accessible place via the www.
    I love taking a peep into ordinary people's lives and seeing all the good things there are. A real treat.
    I found your Flickr account a while back and love looking at your beads, I managed to add a Flickr view at the end of my blog, don't quite know how I managed to install it but it works!I'm slowly adding all the jewellery I have made but it will take some time!
    Have a great day, I'm off to start the mundane list for the day...1st stop new tyre for the car.
    Speak soon, Jx

  3. Hi Jane
    Have just found through Mia's blog.
    Welcome to the world of blogging!
    I have been having a wee look at your jewellery and it's lovely, I especially like the brass vintage style!
    I grew some Gardiners Delight tomatoes last year and they were great, I'm growing Moneymaker this year with some Italian toms too.
    Love Billy, he's a handsome boy and I hope the little mouse survives!
    I'll drop in and see you again. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Hi Vivienne, how lovely to hear from you! I am loving this world of blogging and will come to visit you too.

    I am gradually loading my jewellery onto Flickr which is at the bottom of my blog, I will add a few vintage brass designs, they are my new line and really popular.

    I LOVE my garden, it's tiny but brings so much pleasure, I'm glad to hear you're a gardener too. I am going to have a look at the poor little mouse, I'm not sure he survived sadly as he was very, very shocked but I will leave him quietly in the garage and see what happens.

    Thanks so much for leaving a message, come back soon,

    Jane x

  5. Oh, what a cutie Billy is! Lovely shot of him enjoying the sun (and not to mention the mouse...) - I just love to see cats in blogs as LOVE them but do not have my own at the moment.

    Happy and sunny evening!


  6. Hi Mia,

    Billy will be featuring in lots of my blogs, he is SUCH a charactor and full of life...and mice-LOL! Sadly that one did not make it but then I know I would be complaining if the mice started coming inside - so Billy is my clever Mouser!

    Have a sunny evening, it's still lovely here.

    Love Jane x


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