Thursday, 19 August 2010

Summer's last blaze?

The talk of the moment appears to be regarding the change in the weather. The nights are certainly drawing in and the mornings are darker for longer. I must admit, as I drove along today, for the first time this summer I did notice that the trees, particularly the Horse Chestnut, are beginning to take on their autumn mantles. Reds, yellows and golds are beginning to replace the green leaves. We have been very lucky this year in the South East, despite a very late start we have enjoyed some good summer sunshine. In fact the lack of rain turned my lawn to hay and I have not mowed  it since 31st May!

Recent rain has greened it up very well. Grass really can withstand everything mother nature throws at it and I think this weekend will see me getting the lawn mower again.

I thought I would share some, hopefully not the last of this year, summer photos of my plants smiling from their pots.

My almost prehistoric looking purple arum lily.

 My gazania, which always open out to smile in the sunshine. They are such cheerful plants and will continue to flower right until the first frosts.

Also my eucomis has just come into flower and is looking very pleased with itself!

So there is still some life in this year's summer, I hope, but .............................................

what's  this......??????..............................................

Ok I admit it ,today I bought some bulbs, winter flowering pansies and violas which will be potted up in the beginnning of September. So yes, autumn is around the corner but summer is still trying to hang on in there  for a few more weeks yet. Sending you all some late summer sunshine.

Bye for now,



  1. Don't mention the 'A' word Jane!!!lol
    Your ganzias are gorgeous, I'm afraid mine have spent too many days closed waiting for the sun, poor things.
    Vivienne x

  2. At least I didn't mention the 'C' word Vivienne although I actually saw cards and paper in a shop today...eeek and it's only August.
    We have been very lucky with the sun since June, it seems to have shone down here pretty well.
    Enjoy you evening, Jx

  3. I hope it's raining down there, I've left the garden to it whilst we holiday up here in Yorkshire and I'd love some of the vegetables to survive!

    It's very Autumnal here this morning, chucking it down and a bit nippy but I love the changing seasons so don't mind a bit, I'm excited about tweed, woolens and getting the next stage of the garden going.


  4. Hi Beth,
    The sunny start today has clouded over but the rain is still not materialising. It was supposed to be heavy rain last night but again we woke up to a dry garden here in Surrey.

    I totally agree re the changing seasons, it keeps us moving all the time and as you say the garden changes too. How lucky we are to live in a country which has 4 (usually!) very different seasons.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday,
    Jane x

  5. Oh, you also, Jane with that horrible "A" word ;) but unfortunately here in Finland we're definitely close to it. Although the weather is beautiful and sunny you can still feel it lurking around the corner. But your flowers are beautiful! Just fantastic!

    Have a great and sunny weekend!


  6. I know I mentioned the 'A' word Mia but as I said to Vivienne at least I didn't mention the 'C' word!
    Have a wonderful weekend, the piglet bag sounds as if it's doing great and yes dear little Piglet is most definately a "he"!
    Love Jane x

  7. oh dear...hanging head in shame...I have listed some 'C' word beads on Etsy last week...your garden is beautiful, I got my son to dig up and move one of the raised veggie beds today, during a monster downpour, whilst I sheltered under a tree digging over the compost. Your flowers are stunning, I am loving those ganzias. Lx

  8. Laney shame on you, the 'c' word should only be used after Guy Fawkes night! We're getting some useful rain now but I don't like the strong winds, my poor plants are rocking in it!
    Have a great Tuesday, Love Jane x


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