Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Man in the Moon

My Mum loves the Man in the Moon and I must admit so do I. There is nothing more special than seeing a full moon in a clear starlit sky with  his face grinning down. For my Mum's  recent birthday at the end of November I thought I would commission another little ACEO from the very talented Vita . If you remember she painted a beautiful mermaid picture for when my daughter's boyfriend went to sea. (News on that front is that after after 3 long months he  finally came home last Friday).

I thought you would like to see the wonderful moon ACEO that Vita painted for me....

I used the little painting to feature in the birthday card I made for my Mum.
I framed it with a card die cut frame using  little jewels at the edge and then mounted it on a deep blue/purple card. I also used some other die cut frosty card borders and finished it off with a Happy Birthday banner and some silver peel offs to read MUM.

This was the finished card and I was pleased with how it turned
out. My Mum loved it and when she has finished with the card
she is going to take out the little painting and frame it.

Also keeping with the Moon theme for my Mum's birthday I managed to commission  a wonderful Man in the Moon lampwork glass bead by a very talented English lampworker called Emma. She had never made a man in the moon before but felt it would be a great challenge and she managed to create the most wonderful bead.

I decided that he would look best on a vintage style brass chain and this is the finished piece that I gave my Mum for her birthday present.

As always I had my trusty camera assistant at hand-
Billy does like to get in on the action!

I was so inspired by this wonderful bead that I commissioned Emma to make me a "Blue Moon" and here is mine.

                                                           Stunning! I love wearing him.

Whilst I am on the subject of the moon I wanted to tell you about a recent  phenomenon which occurred this year, during the Autumn Equinox. It was the appearance of a Harvest Moon. This is a little know event which rarely occurs.  There is a very interesting article about it here

On that night, 22nd September we were lucky enough to have a fairly clear sky here in Surrey. Most of the UK that night was covered in cloud so the Harvest Moon was only visible in some area. I managed to take the following photos out of my bedroom window.

The sky had the most wonderful glow to it and clearly visible to the left and below the moon was none other than Jupiter shining brightly.
It really was a sight to see and I am glad I did not miss out in this once in every 20 years or so phenomenon.

How lucky we are to have a sky to look up into and watch the stars twinkling and on occasions the Man in the Moon smiling down on us .... or is it just me who sees him ?? ;0)

(Remember to have a peep at my ** days til....... posts we really are well into the countdown to Christmas now!)
Bye for now,
Jane x


  1. Hi Jane.

    I'm touched that I was mentioned in your blog! Great entry and I'm gutted i missed the harvest moon. God knows where I was in Biscay on 22nd September. I'll be seeing Martin today, but look forward to seeing you again soon. It's been a while!

    Love Tom


  2. Hey Tom, great to see you here! Has the world stopped moving round your feet now that you are back on dry land? The Harvest moon was quite a sight, we spent hours looking at it, the whole sky glowed.
    Keep warm and looking forward to seeing you really soon,I'm off to silversmithing later.
    Love Jane xx

  3. Hi Jane
    I love the card you made for your mother, beautiful!
    The moon beads are gorgeous and lovely on the brass chains, I'm really taken with brass chains at the moment!
    Well done on winning Mia's scarf!
    Speak soon from a very cold N.Ireland.
    Vivienne x

  4. Hi Vivienne, I have been using a lot of brass in my jewellery making this year, it is very popular. I could not believe I won Mia' scarf..how lucky was that!
    I see you weather is looking pretty snowy, hope you can get out today?
    Speak soon,
    Jane x

  5. Hi Jane- I couldn't find you email so I thought I would reply here- thankyou for your lovely comments, how wonderful to win Mia's scarf, she is a very talented crafter, it will be wonderful!

  6. Hi Kerry good to see you here! Yes I was a very lucky girl today!
    Jane x

  7. Hello Jane! You have always so lovely stories! I love The Man in the Moon and every full moon looks so exiting! Here especially the full moon of August has lots of magic! Then there is many concerts at night and archeological places open all the night!
    Your card is again piece of art and those moon jewelries are just wonderful!
    xxx Teje

  8. Hi Teje, thank you so much for your kind comments. My husband and I stayed in Rhodes in September.We sat looking out to sea watching a full moon there...wonderful.We love the Greek islands!
    Enjoy your Christmas preparations!
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane, it's always a delight to visit your blog! Your creative energy is so inspiring...I'm trying to pick up some of that vibe! LOVE the moon theme this post! :o)

  10. Michelle that is such a kind thing to say...thanks so much! Glad you love the moon as much as we do! :0)
    Have a great week,
    Jane x

  11. Hi Jane,

    I love how carefully and with love and thoughts you've chosen card and jewelry to you mom, they look fantastic! And oh they should after Billy the head-inspector has done his check, no flaw will pass his eyes :)

    And Hi! to handsome sailor too, his voyage have been followed all around the world ;)

    Happiest Thursday, Jane!


  12. Good morning Mia, my Billy is the best quality controller to have ;0)
    At the moment he is fast asleep on my bed, he does not like this cold weather.

    It is so good to have Tom back safely after his long voyage...I think Milly is still in shock at his surprise return last week..it was a long 3 months for her. We hope to see them both really soon.

    It's my day off today so I am meeting my dearest friend Karen for pre Christmas lunch and chat++ and also hoping to finish most of my Christmas shopping.

    Happy Thursday too,the sun is finally out here...sending some to you in Finland.
    Jane x

  13. Hi Jane,

    First I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. I so appreciate you taking the time. Ohmygoodness, the card without a doubt is gorgeous. Handmade gifts are true treasures. The photographs of the moon are gorgeous and yes I too see the man in the moon everytime it's full.

    Hugs, Dani

  14. Hi Dani, glad to see you are feeling better, good to see you here again. I totally agree about handmade...there is nothing to beat it.
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x


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